The People’s Convoy: What Is It?

If you have been following the news, then the “Canadian Trucker Convoy” is one story that has received ample coverage. From demonstrations in Ottawa, Canada’s capital, to other events scattered across the nation, Canadians are calling for an end to widespread COVID-19 mandates. Those mandates go beyond vaccinations and masking to QR codes that some believe infringe upon their freedom.

Indeed, “FREEDOM” is the rallying cry for the Canadian Convoy, which will soon be joined by a far larger procession in the United States. Dubbed, “The People’s Convoy,” the American component gets underway on Wednesday (Feb. 23) after months of planning. The main routes begin on the west coast and end just outside of Washington, DC, with feeder routes coming from the north and south. Truckers will converge near the capital no later than March 5.

There is much to consider regarding the convoy, something we have been tracking for nearly a month. Therefore, we will examine the key elements of the event, and will offer updates over the coming days, if not weeks.

The People's Convoy Route

Who and What:

The People’s Convoy organizers say that they are “a non-partisan, trucker-led effort supported by a cross-cultural and multi-faith contingent of supporters. Physicians, attorneys, pastors, transportation workers, and like-minded citizens are among the backers. Various civil liberty groups, medical freedom advocates, and faith group members are involved.


Beginning on Tuesday, February 22, at 12-noon participants will gather at the Adelanto Stadium in Southern California:

Adelanto Stadium
12000 Stadium Way
Adelanto, CA 92301

The California leg will depart the next day. Much of the route will follow i-40 east before shifting north and eastward. Planned stops include Kingman, AZ; Lupton, AZ; Glenrio, TX, Elk City, OK; Vinita, OK; Sullivan, MO; Indianapolis, IN; Cambridge, OH; Hagerstown, MD, then arriving outside of the capital on March 5.


Besides California, another eastward route may originate in Oregon. However, that path currently isn’t listed on the main supporting page for the convoy. Instead, the organizers plan to update route information en route, to ensure security. Yes, not everyone agrees with the convoy’s mission and some may plan to disrupt it. It should be evident that the challenges Canadians have and are facing in their country will likely occur in the U.S. That said, the group endeavors to keep the convoy peaceful while maximizing security.

The People's Convoy


Organized by truckers and supported by many Americans, The People’s Convoy intends to shed light on the restrictions that have accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic. The organizers note that the past two years have been extremely difficult for all Americans, in four areas: spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially.

Noting that the vaccines and workable therapeutic agents have greatly contributed to the decline in COVID-19 numbers and the severity of the illness, participants believe the time to re-open the economy is now. Specifically, the group is calling for an end to all mandates and the state of emergency to allow Americans to get back to work without restrictions. Notably, the group is not against vaccines (it is a personal choice), but they do oppose the many restrictions that are still in place keeping Americans from earning a living.


Many of the participants will be driving their rigs to Washington, DC. While truckers most likely will be the largest component at least in terms of visibility, there is a possibility many Americans will join directly. Specifically, the event organizers are encouraging all Americans to become involved, therefore we fully expect people driving pickup trucks, motorcycles, campers, and other conveyances to join the procession. Others will man pitstops by supplying people with food, water, and encouragement. While underway, the convoy will update its information as it advances toward the capital. Thus, some of the routes and pitstops may change. We advise people to follow the group’s website to keep abreast of current details.

Let Freedom Ring is proud to support the activities of freedom-loving Americans. We believe that mobility plays a critical role in how our nation operates and acknowledge that trucks are essential to the smooth operation of our country. Often overworked and underappreciated, truckers see matters that the average driver may miss, including accidents, human trafficking, and drug running. As Americans, we do not need to agree upon everything, but it is critically important that the free exchange of ideas is never impeded. Moreover, we have seen some use a pandemic as a reason for advancing government overreach. And that’s the sad state the convoy is attempting to overcome.

Images by The People’s Convoy. All rights reserved.

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