New Car Windshields – Proper Care and Maintenance Tips

Windshields need TLC, especially when newly installed.

Many people may not realize this but the windshield is actually one of the most critical components of any vehicle. Aside from giving drivers an unobstructed view of  the road ahead, this auto glass is designed to protect the people inside from external elements and prevent the roof from caving in, in the event of an accident.

Despite the crucial role they play, however, windshields are often taken for granted until they fail and require auto glass repair. Like everything else, windshields also need proper care and maintenance to stay in good condition.

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How to Care for and Maintain New Car Windshields

 These windshield care and maintenance tips will help you properly care for and maintain your car’s new windshield so it lasts for as long as possible:

 1. Wait Before Washing New Windshields

Who doesn’t want a clean and spotless car, right? But doing a high-pressure wash after an auto glass installation is a bad idea. No matter how strong or sturdy your new windshield looks, the molding needs time to cure and harden. Intense water pressure may damage the seal, shift the new moldings, and compromise the integrity of your new car windshield.

Wait for at least 48 hours taking your vehicle to a car wash. This should be enough time to let the adhesive and moldings of your newly installed windshield fully dry. If driving a clean car is extremely important to you, though, you may hand wash it for the first few days after the windshield replacement.

2. Avoid Slamming the Car Doors

The fact that slamming a car door can have significant consequences is not a revelation – and this is especially true when you just had an auto glass installation or replacement. Slamming the doors can create pressure changes inside the vehicle that could weaken the adhesive of your new car windshield.

Additionally, you should make it a habit to close your car’s doors gently to avoid unnecessary windshield and auto glass damage. If there are already small chips and cracks in your auto glass, slamming the door shut can cause these damages to grow and become irreparable.

3. Keep Your Windshield Clean

Always make sure that your windshield is clean of smudges and other obstructions. These could not only affect your ability to see the road ahead clearly but some debris, especially insect guts, have high acid levels and may damage your auto glass over time.

When cleaning your car windshield and windows, however, only use quality glass cleaners and use a soft microfiber cloth for wiping to prevent any damage. Avoid products that contain ammonia as they can damage the plastic, rubber, and vinyl materials surrounding the auto glass.

4. Replace Windshield Wipers Regularly

The state of your car’s windshield wipers affects the condition and performance of your windshield in several ways.

Windshield wipers are made up of two major parts – the metal frame core and the rubber coating that covers them. When the rubber coating peels off, mostly due to wear and tear, you are then left with a bare metal that scrapes your windshield each time you run your wipers. It’s recommended to change your windshield wipers at least once a year to protect your windshield.

5. Don’t’ Clean Under Direct Sunlight

The sun may provide you with ample lighting when cleaning your car, but it can also prematurely dry up the cleaning solution and leave streaks behind as a result.

When cleaning your car’s new windshield on a sunny day, find a shaded outdoor area with enough airflow that will counter the drying effects of the sun overhead. Once done, you may then take it to a sunnier location to check if it’s thoroughly cleaned and you didn’t miss any spots.

6. Pick Parking Spots with Care

Parking your vehicle carelessly exposes it to a lot of risks, including your windshield. While finding a good parking spot can be a challenge at times, you should avoid parking under trees or in the sun as much as possible.

If you have options, park your car in a shady location away from trees. Under extremely high temperatures, stress cracks can form in your windshield and put the entire glass at risk of breaking. Parking your car under a tree, on the other hand, exposes your windshield to possible damage caused by falling tree limbs, especially during bad weather.

7. Repair Chips and Cracks Immediately

Chips, cracks, and bubbles can form between the glass layers of your windshield when a foreign object hits it with a strong enough force. As time passes, small chips and cracks can grow in size, compromising your visibility and the reliability of your auto glass.

When once-tiny damage turns into a distraction and ruins a substantial part of your windshield, you have no other choice but to have the entire glass replaced. That being said, if you find any damage on your car’s windshield, it would be wiser and significantly simpler, faster, and less expensive to call an auto glass repair expert and address the issue right away.

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