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American Honda Motor Co., Inc. is the North American subsidiary of the well-known Japanese automaker, Honda Motor Company, Ltd. This subsidiary was established in 1959, marking the beginning of Honda’s journey in the U.S. automotive market. The company’s initial offerings were not cars, but motorcycles, with the Honda C100 Super Cub being one of the first models. These motorcycles quickly gained popularity for their reliability and fuel efficiency, distinguishing Honda from other manufacturers.

Honda’s entrance into the U.S. automobile market came in 1970 with the introduction of the Honda N600, a small yet efficient vehicle that paved the way for compact cars in the United States. The Honda Civic and Accord, launched in 1972 and 1976 respectively, became iconic models with a reputation for their durability, fuel economy, and minimal environmental impact.


The year 1986 marked another milestone for Honda with the launch of Acura, the first luxury vehicle brand from a Japanese automaker. Acura set a new standard for luxury and performance, and it further enhanced Honda’s reputation in the American market.

Today, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. has a diverse portfolio of models ranging from cars to trucks and utility vehicles. The Honda Accord and Civic continue to be among the most popular cars, embodying Honda’s dedication to efficiency, reliability, and innovation. The Honda Ridgeline stands out in the truck segment with its unique blend of utility and comfort. The Honda Odyssey minivan is appreciated for its family-friendly features and advanced safety technology.

The company also offers a variety of utility vehicles to suit different needs and preferences. The compact HR-V and the larger CR-V cater to those looking for a blend of performance, efficiency, and versatility. The Honda Passport offers more space and off-road capabilities, while the Honda Pilot, being the largest in the range, provides three-row seating and robust performance. Each of these models embodies the innovative spirit and commitment to quality that has defined Honda since its arrival in the U.S.

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