First Look at the 2023 Models

For 2023, these models seem set for the market.

Nissan revealed the all-new 2023 Z sports car in a global broadcast from Brooklyn’s Duggal Greenhouse, about five miles from where the original 1970 Datsun 240Z made its world debut in October 1969.

Car manufacturers plan their vehicles years in advance, with a four-year lead time the average. Even so, these automakers have a strong idea where their model lines are headed 10-15 years out, even 20 years for some. Certainly, the wholesale switch to electric vehicles is playing a significant role in all this.

Nearer to now, we do have some clues on what’s coming one or two years out. As the 2021 model year transitions to 2022, a look at what 2023 models are on the way is warranted. We know about a few of them, but there are others that are quietly creeping into the picture.

Seven 2023 Models We Are Following

1. Nissan Z

Finally, after what seems like forever, an all-new Z model is on the way. This time, Nissan dispenses with the numerical convention, choosing to utilize “Z” alone. Besides an appearance that combines heritage and modern styling cues, the 2023 Nissan Z features a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 engine. Borrowed from Infiniti, this one makes an even 400 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque. Power travels to the rear wheels via a 6-speed manual or a 9-speed automatic transmission. Pricing most likely will start around $40,000 and approach $50,000 when fully loaded.

2. Genesis GV60

Hyundai’s luxury brand continues to turn heads and receive well-deserved accolades. If there is a premium brand that is bringing disruption to the segment, Genesis is it. After introducing three sedans, followed by two utility vehicles, Genesis has a sixth model on the way. This one is the GV60, which is also a utility vehicle. However, unlike the previous offerings, this model is fully electric. Smaller than the GV70, it will be priced higher, costing around $50,000. Very little information is currently available, although strong performance and an extended range seem likely.

3. Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD and 3500HD

Along with the GMC Sierra 2500HD and 3500HD, the heavy-duty versions of the Chevrolet Silverado will get overhauled for 2023. This follows the mid-cycle updates for the standard-duty Silverado 1500 in 2022. Although not much is known about the heavy-duty models, one of the most significant changes involves updating the polarizing front ends of these trucks. Also, we expect a complete interior overhaul, additional safety equipment, and expanded tech offerings.

4. Tesla Cybertruck

It was supposed to have arrived to the market by now, then it got pushed back. At least twice. What was previously a 2022 model may arrive in 2023, but do not hold your breath on it. In any case, Tesla seems committed to bringing a disruptive model to the segment, even as the Ford Motor Company likely beats it to the market with its fully electric F-150. Rivian will also debut its first models and by the following year Chevrolet will jump in with an electric Silverado. We have not enough mentioned the GMC Hummer and all it brings to the market. One thing we do know is that the polarizing style of the Cybertruck will likely remain. No matter, there are enough Tesla fans out there who will ensure its success.

5. Acura Integra

Here is a name we have not heard much lately: the Acura Integra. Honda’s premium brand will resurrect the name when it replaces the ILX for 2023. Very little beyond teaser photos is known about the new Integra, but we expect it will ride on the same platform underpinning the current Honda Civic. A few other changes of note, including a more powerful engine, available all-wheel drive, and a coupe/hatchback design are in the works. The Integra is a strong name for Acura, therefore it would not surprise us if a sedan body style followed. What we do know is that the ultra-low $27,000 starting price for the ILX will not carryover. Still, with a price tag around $35,000, the 2023 Integra may be the value king.

6. Lincoln Mark E

Ford has found much success with the Mustang Mach-E, an all-electric crossover with strong pony car design cues. Soon, it will be Lincoln’s turn, although the proposed model will have a completely different body when it arrives in 2023. Once again, we do not have many details about the proposed Mark E, although dual-electric motors and all-wheel drive makes sense. Furthermore, this model will allow Lincoln to showcase its tech and interior trappings prowess, which will offer further differentiation from the Mach E. Yes, the name is close to the Ford name, therefore it is entirely possible that the Mark E nomenclature will be replaced by something else.

7. Ford Ranger Raptor

Is the Ranger Raptor heading stateside or is it not? Available in select markets overseas, it makes sense that the junior Raptor will come to America. What we do not know is what Ford will offer under the hood. However, the 2.7-liter twin-turbocharged V6 in the Bronco may serve as the motivator for this off-road beast. In its current form it makes 310 horsepower, but we see Ford tacking on larger turbos to reach at least 350, perhaps 400 horsepower. A 10-speed automatic transmission would shuttle power to all four wheels.

Looking Ahead

The models mentioned are by far not the only ones planned for 20s3. We will see a new Honda CR-V. Also, the Corvette Z06, a redesigned Nissan Rogue Sport, a range-topping Volkswagen ID.8, and perhaps finally a vehicle from Bollinger Motors.

All in all, the offerings coming down the line are dominated by electrified vehicles. Yet, vehicles such as the Nissan Z and Corvette demonstrate that manufacturers are not abandoning traditional performance models nor are car models such as the Acura Integra forgotten.

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