It’s Never Too Late to Learn: The Advantages of Learning to Drive in Later Life

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Most people start thinking about learning to drive as they come toward the end of their teens. They long for the freedom taking to the road will bring and can’t wait to get out there. But, it doesn’t always work out that way. Some have lessons but find they just don’t enjoy it. Others still lack the maturity to make a safe driver, so they put it off, and some people just want to wait until they’ve got more money. Learning to drive is after all very expensive. However, when people don’t learn when they are young they often put it off. They spend years relying on public transport or find themselves married to someone that drives so never need to do it themselves.

We’ve all heard the theory that it’s easier to learn when you are younger, or perhaps that it will take fewer hours the younger you do it. But, that isn’t necessarily true. It’s never too late to learn how to drive. If you’re approaching later life and considering taking lessons, here’s a look at some of the advantages you will have.


Even if you’ve never been behind the wheel yourself, you’ll have spent a lot of time on the roads. You’ll have some experience of the workings of a car and the rules of the road. As a passenger, you’ve probably retained a lot more knowledge than you think, which will be a huge benefit both when you start to learn and when you get out there on the road on your own.

This experience will also make you much less likely to get lost or find yourself unsure what to do on an unknown road or in a new area.

Quick Thinking

One reason younger people get into trouble on the roads is that when something does go wrong, or they’re unsure what to do, they panic and flounder. This causes more mistakes and can make them dangerous.

As we get older, our experiences both on the roads and of life make us much better at thinking on our feet. We can assess problems more quickly and formulate a plan in a calm and timely fashion.


All of this, of course, is part of being more mature. But, maturity is more than that. You’re much less likely to break the speed limit showing off to your friends. You’ll obey the laws of the road, respect other drivers and take further care in hazardous conditions.

You’ll Appreciate the Freedom

As you get older, there may be times when you need to drive. Friends and family could be ill or injured. Even if you don’t buy your own car, being insured on someone else’s or being able to use car rental services can give you a huge amount of freedom and control. Which you’ll appreciate much more.

Returning to a learning setting can be fun and a wonderful way to take some time for yourself. At whatever age you learn to drive, the experience and the freedom it brings can enrich your life hugely. So, remember, it’s never too late to learn. Use your age to your advantage and go for it.


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2 thoughts on “It’s Never Too Late to Learn: The Advantages of Learning to Drive in Later Life

  1. My grandmother has always lived in a large city, so she never had to learn how to drive. She has just moved into our home and finds that driving would be an advantage in the suburbs. I think you have a good point saying that as we get older, our experience in life makes us better at thinking fast. Life teaches us to assess problems faster and get plans quickly. With this in mind, my grandmother has more confidence now.

    1. Learning to drive for the first time when older must have its own set of challenges. We may make decisions fast, but can we react as quickly when we were younger? The answer is no.

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