Unlocking the Maximum Potential: 10 Amazing Mods for Your Tesla Vehicle

Tesla cars have already developed a well-deserved reputation for excellence. With the right mods, drivers can take things one step further to make their vehicles even more high-tech and luxurious. Check out the ten most amazing mods for Tesla vehicles below to learn more.

  1. Wireless Chargers

Recent developments in induction coil technology now allow some Tesla drivers to wirelessly recharge their vehicles’ batteries. Wireless chargers aren’t as efficient as the fast chargers used by ev charging companies, but they are a neat upgrade for wealthy drivers who want to charge their cars overnight at home.

  1. Electroluminescent Paint

Electroluminescent paint allows Tesla drivers to custom-animate their cars’ exteriors. Just keep in mind that the paint only lights up when it is provided with an electric current. Without any juice, it will look like any normal car.

  1. Magnetic License Plates

Magnetic license plates are just what they sound like. They allow drivers to hold their license plates in place without drilling holes in their cars, which can be helpful in the 30+ states that require front license plates.

  1. Custom Center Consoles

Model S drivers can now get custom center consoles that add extra cup holders and storage. They can also be customized with a choice of upholstery colors and deck finishes.

  1. Inductive Phone Chargers

Inductive phone chargers come as standard mods in the Brabus’ Tesla. They can be used to wirelessly charge any smartphone equipped with the functionality and, as an added bonus, they can also heat or cool drinks held in the cupholders.

  1. Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wraps

While electroluminescent paint is quite expensive, carbon fiber vinyl wraps are comparatively affordable. They allow drivers to transform their cars’ exteriors without having to bring the car into a body shop for a long repainting process.

  1. Projector Logo Lights

Tesla owners have every reason to be proud of their purchases. Now, they can show them off even more by installing projector logo lights to replace the vehicles’ standard puddle lights on the sides of their door panels. The best part is, the upgrade doesn’t require splicing a single wire.

  1. Dashboard Cameras

Dashboard cameras are popular among all technologically inclined car owners, but Tesla drivers are leading the pack. Dashcams don’t just help with security, either. They also capture all the action while drivers zoom around town.

  1. Illuminated T Emblems

Like all cars, Teslas come standard with a rear emblem. In this case, it’s a T. Those who want everyone on the road to see that they’re proud Tesla owners, even at night, can now get lit-up T emblems for the front and back of their Model S cars.

  1. Integrated Projectors

The “Racing Extinction” Tesla goes well above and beyond when it comes to mods. It features a motorized projector that appears on the back of the car seemingly out of nowhere to wow anyone nearby. The Obscura Digital projector provides an impressive 15,000 lumens of light.

Tesla Bottom Line

Driving a Tesla isn’t just about environmental sustainability. It’s also a status symbol. There are tons of mods that allow Tesla drivers to do everything from electrifying their paint jobs to projecting images on the ground behind their cars. The best part is, all of these mods are powered by the same eco-friendly rechargeable batteries, and many of them are surprisingly affordable.


Mike Sluyter
Author: Mike Sluyter
Mike is the previous manager of Driven Autos Magazine. He is software engineer and was a Computer Science major. Mike resides in Texas.

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