Author: Cristian Puscasu

Cristian Pușcașu started loving cars and wanted to become a “racing driver” thanks to some computer game that lit the fire almost two decades ago. Since then, he came to his senses and decided that becoming an automotive engineer is more sensible, and pursued such a degree in his home country, Romania. Cristian decided to try writing about what he learned, in an attempt to correct certain misconceptions and to use his soon-to-be degree a bit unconventionally.
Samsung Electric
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What Are Solid-State Batteries?

Electrification is the trend nowadays, with every manufacturer more or less ditching the old internal combustion engines to transition to electric vehicles. However, at the current time, such a task is difficult and precarious due to the mass and volume…

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4 Top Third-Party Automotive Suppliers

While most car parts are produced in-house, other manufacturers also develop and supply a myriad of components. These producers vary wildly in scope, from third parties with a singular specialization, to another car manufacturer entirely. Four Noteworthy Automotive Suppliers Without…

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The U.S. Army Aims for Net Zero

It might come as a surprise, but the U.S. Army also wants to join the “net-zero” movement in an attempt to curb pesky emissions and, ultimately, help to save the globe. The Army carefully conceived a plan which should be…

Eastern Europe, Soviet Bloc
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The 5 Worst Soviet-Era Cars

Almost forgettable Soviet-era vehicles. Communism severely hampered the progress of multiple countries in Eastern Europe. Consequently, the so-called Eastern Bloc showed little evolution regarding cars too. While a decent number of cars had injection, a few were stuck with tiny,…