Where Do You Stash Your Wallet?

If you work out in a gym, hang out in a sauna, or otherwise spend time indoors where you will need to change your clothes, then finding a place to stash your wallet, keys, and cell phone can be a challenge. Especially if the lockers are frequently tampered with and items were stolen.

An alternative to the locker room is leaving your wallet and cell phone in your car. Of course, that means taking your key fob with you, which may be something you can keep in your shorts while exercising or leave in your shoes while taking a dip in the pool.

But is leaving valuables in your car ever a smart choice? On the surface, that answer seems like it should be a resounding “No.” After all, savvy thieves can just as easily break into your car and steal as they can swipe items from your locker. The following are some places where you can stash the wallet.

dashboard center console

Where to Hide Your Valuables

Glove Box

The most logical place to stash a wallet is in the glove box. That’s where you keep all your important documents, including the owner’s manual. But this option may not be a decent one, even if the glove box locks. After all, a thief bent on breaking into your car will not hesitate to use a crowbar to quickly pry open the glovebox, take what he wants, and run away.

Center Console

The console department between your front seats may be open or closed, with a “secret” storage compartment underneath. But don’t count on it being a safe place as thieves typically know about such compartments and how to quickly break in and abscond with your valuables.

Under the Spare Tire

Perhaps the best place to stash a wallet is in the trunk or rear storage compartment, particularly under the spare tire. Yes, it is one of the places crooks will look for valuables but that also means it will take them longer to get there. Keep in mind, though, if you have a trunk or liftgate release inside your vehicle, that will hasten the job for a thief.

Behind the Dashboard

In some vehicles, particularly the Chevrolet Impala, a “secret” compartment resides behind the center console. It isn’t easily noticeable, and it could keep thieves guessing, then moving on if they don’t find it.

In other vehicles, storage compartments are placed under the front seat, under the rear seat (lockable compartments in some trucks), or in the rear center armrest. In still other vehicles, the hidden compartment is seamlessly integrated with the dashboard just above the glove box. If you’re not sure where it is located or if you are unaware that your vehicle has one, check the owner’s manual.

Under the Hood

Certainly, a thief can access underneath the hood just as easily as popping the trunk. But lifting a hood may be the type of attention-getter that a crook wants to avoid.

Fortunately, there are a few places under the hood where a wallet or cell phone could reside. A covered and latched fuse box comes to mind. Here, you’ll want to wrap your valuables in a plastic bag before slipping them inside. Also, there may be space under the hood to squirrel away valuables. The firewall foam can obscure what otherwise would be in plain sight.

Wallet and Other Security Considerations

Do your part to make it difficult for thieves to walk off with your valuables. Always alarm your vehicle. Park your car in a well-lit and secure location. Limit the amount of cash that you carry.

Lastly, consider keeping an old wallet with fake credit cards and ID inside. Thieves aren’t likely to look further once they believe they have found their prize.

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