Touch My Car and You Die!

car got pranked

car got prankedHaving a car is not a luxury any more, but a simple must, and it may be true that only people without cars see the true value of these vehicles. But, there is another important issue that is rarely addressed: Do other people appreciate your car as well? A lot of money and time is invested in it, and it is more than a simple thing that gets you from point A to point B. So what people need to understand is, that a car is not just a vehicle – it is a part of a man’s life and the biggest value they have. There are numerous situations where someone’s bad attitude towards your car is shown, so here are some of those and how you can handle them.

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Economy Auto Sales Review: Good/Bad Credit Financing: Knox Indiana

I just bought a nice truck- woohoo! It rides so smooth. After driving a crappy car for a couple of years, it feels good. I really didn’t think I would qualify for a car loan because I haven’t worked in over a year due to a back injury. But, even with a meager income from SSI, and no credit whatsoever for over seven years, I qualified for financing from Economy Auto in Knox, Indiana.

But what about the rest of it? Do they stand behind their vehicles? I’m going to get into all the particulars about my deal with them, and let you decide for yourself.

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Free Ebooks- How to Buy a Used Car & Buy a Car With No Credit

I have about 150,000 ebooks I sell and give away on other websites, and I came across these two about buying used cars. So I thought I’d pass them on. They are free, and even come with resell rights, so you could give them away or even sell them legally.

The first one, How to buy a used Car without getting Ripped off, reveals common scams a lot of unscrupulous dealers try to use on you. It’s definitely worth a read if you ever plan on buying a used car.

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Welcome to the New Driven Autos Magazine

Driven Autos Magazine is now live!

We’re taking all of our articles from our publications and posting them online for free. No more selling magazines at newsstands. Those days are gone in our opinion. There is so much more information available online nowadays, there is just no reason for a printed magazine any more.

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