Speed Cameras and Smart Motorways

Speeding ticketWhether you think they are there to save lives or to put money into the government’s pockets is something that will always be up for debate. Speed cameras have long been permanent fixtures on our roads and the latest developments mean that many more drivers could pick up their post in the morning only to be welcomed by a letter notifying them that a speed camera has caught them driving faster than they should.

Changes to the motorway:
The days of putting your foot down on the motorway appear to be behind us with the busiest sections of the British motorway system now being converted into what are often referred to as ‘smart motorways.’

Variable speed limits:
When you’re on the motorway and a speed limit flashes up on the gantry, you might well have been one to ignore these and continue to travel at a speed which far exceeds the number displayed.

However, if you look on the back of the gantries you’ll likely see that there are speed cameras fixed to them, which means if you are traveling faster than the designated speed limit, and you can expect to be caught and have an unwanted, painfully expensive letter pop through your door a few days later.

Don’t exceed 70mph!
These smart motorways don’t stop at cameras to enforce the variable speed limits. There are also cameras in place to monitor speeds at various points of the motorway even if there isn’t a variable limit in place!

Often these cameras aren’t noticeable, especially if you are traveling at high speeds, so it is recommended that you stay safe and stick to the speed limit of 70 mph. Not only will monitoring your speed on the motorway ensure that you don’t receive any nasty letters through your letterbox but you’ll also greatly reduce the risk of being involved in a high-speed accident.

Not all motorways will implement the 70mph restriction as some authorities consider it not to be in the best interest of motorists. Instead, it is deemed that 70mph to 80mph is considered a safe speed and anything exceeding this threshold would result in a motorist being caught by a speed camera. Ultimately the local authorities decide the rules, so if you would like clarification on the status of speed cameras in your area it is advised that you speak to a local authority.

It is expected that within two years a third of motorway miles will be classed as ‘smart’ and progress will continue at a rapid rate.

What happens if you are caught speeding by a speed camera?

If you are caught speeding you can expect a letter through the post that informs you that you’ll have to pay a fine and take three points on your license (you can accumulate up to 12 before facing a disqualification).

If you are in your first year of driving you only have six points to play with, so even one speeding offense can put you in some serious hot water.

If you were greatly exceeding the speed limit it could be that you can expect a larger fine and a heftier point penalty. You may even have to make an appearance in court if it is deemed that your driving was particularly reckless.

If you are facing a disqualification due to speeding or any other road related offense it is essential that you hire a good road traffic solicitor. They’ll be able to represent you and protect your license as much as possible.

The expansion of smart motorways across Britain will change the face of our roads. The levels of control will reach heights that have never been seen before, ultimately this should mean safer roads and less congestion, which can only be a good thing.

*Written by James Timpson:

“Hi, I’m James and I hold a big interest in the automotive field, especially with trucks. I have been writing in the industry for many years and I try and engage with my readers as much as possible.”

“Hi, I’m James and I hold a big interest in the automotive field, especially with trucks. I have been writing in the industry for many years and I try and engage with my readers as much as possible.”

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