Freak Car Accident Stories You Won’t Believe Are Real

Freak car accidents may seem like something only nightmares are made of, but sometimes, they do happen. If there’s any better reason to make sure you start driving carefully, these stories illustrate them perfectly. Take a look at these freak car accident stories that you won’t believe are real:

A Three Car Sandwich

A car manufacturer can do plenty of tests, but sometimes, physics can overrule all. Alan Pyrcz was on the interstate 83 in Pennsylvania, and although he was at a stop in traffic, behind a vehicle that was the same as his, he noticed another one behind him going too fast to stop. Before he knew it, he had disappeared between the two trucks. Luckily, he escaped almost uninjured even though his car was a total mess.

Death By Scarf

Isadora Duncan was an American living in Paris, when she died in a car accident in 1927. However, this was no ordinary accident. She had been working hard furthering her career as a dancer, and had managed to achieve fame due to her bohemian style of dancing. As a communist, Isadora wore a long red scarf to show her support for the party, however, one evening upon visiting the city of Nice, it got caught in the wheel well of her new convertible sports car. This ripped her from the vehicle and threw her onto the payment. She died instantly.


Three Injured at Formula Three

At A Formula Three event at the Red Bull Ring in Austria, Ryan Tveter slid across the track and onto the gravel. However, the car continued on rather than stopping, and ended up at the apex of the corner. Other drivers would have spotted him usually and it wouldn’t have been a problem, however, a cloud of dust he had stirred up hid him from view. Peter Li Zhi Cong and Pedro Piquet were oblivious and the impact sent Li flying into the air, while Piquet managed to get out unscathed. Tveter had a bruised knee, broke his heel, and cracked vertebrae. An auto accident injury that would have cost a lot of money in garage bills and medical bills to fix!

The 19 Year Old Lawbreaker

A 19 year old man was weaving through traffic at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour on the motorway, breaking as many laws as possible in the process. He passed a police car and lost control. He lost control at the support pillars for a bridge over a highway, and after clipping the guardrail going at high speed, his car was flung into the air. A large smear of oil was left on the road as the car broke into several large parts and scattered. The 19 year old was flung out of the vehicle, injured but alive. He claims to have no knowledge of the crash to this day.

Sometimes crazy things happen, and we just can’t figure out why. Sometimes, it’s because you’re breaking every law ever put in place for road users.

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