Semi-Truck Accidents Are Different Than Regular Car Accidents and Here’s Why

Truck Car Accident

No one wants to be involved in an auto accident, but it can be especially scary colliding with a large semi-truck. There are a few reasons semi-truck accidents differ from regular car accidents. For victims, the aftermath of such an accident can be incredibly stressful and even overwhelming.

The Severity of the Damage

One of the notable differences between regular car accidents and those with semi-trucks is the severity of the damage. Because of their enormous size and weight, eighteen-wheelers can cause extensive damages when they collide with much smaller vehicles. When a person becomes the victim of a large truck accident, they often need to get legal help from a Corpus Christi truck accident lawyer.

These Accidents Are More Complex

Often, an accident with a semi is much more complex than regular car accidents. The injured victim may be able to pursue multiple parties for compensation, including the truck driver, their employer, the truck manufacturer, and even a municipality.

In this type of accident, there are often a lot of injuries. Sometimes, injured victims suffer from so many injuries they can no longer live a normal life and earn a living. Because so much is at stake with such a case, many injured victims make the wise decision to seek guidance from a lawyer.

An injured victim not only deserves compensation for the measurable damages they have suffered, but they also need to seek compensation for future medical treatment costs, loss of wages, and non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering or loss of consortium.

Common Injuries Associated with Truck Accidents

Although serious injuries can occur with any type of accident, there are more likely to be multiple injuries when someone collides with such a large vehicle. The following offers insight into some common injuries truck accident victims face.

  •         One of the most common types of injuries in truck accidents is broken bones. The blunt trauma of the vehicle collision can lead to broken feet, legs, arms, and even skulls.
  •         Injured victims can sometimes face serious internal injuries, such as ruptured spleens and severed livers. Sometimes, injured victims also face internal bleeding, which can become life-threatening.
  •         Head trauma is common in any accident, but even more so in a truck wreck. The velocity and size of the truck play major roles in causing serious injuries. Open and closed head injuries are both possible.
  •         Spinal injuries are commonplace in truck accidents. In severe wrecks, the victim may suffer temporary or permanent paralysis because of the damages done to their spinal cord.
  •         Unfortunately, burns are also common in trucking accidents. Some large tankers carry flammable liquids or caustic materials that can lead to serious burns. Burns range in severity and can sometimes threaten the lives of victims.

It is clear that the injuries suffered by truck accident victims are often more serious than regular car accidents. When someone becomes seriously injured in a truck accident, it is their right to seek fair compensation for their measurable economic and non-economic damages.

Steps Injured Victims Should Take Immediately

In the aftermath of a serious truck accident, injured victims sometimes find themselves confused about how to start the process of seeking a fair outcome. Injured victims must take the following steps right away.

  1. Call the police immediately. Getting a police report is an important first step towards protecting the victim’s rights.
  2. Get medical help right away. No matter how minor or serious the injuries may seem, seeking medical treatment is critical to rule out internal or life-threatening injuries.
  3. Document evidence from the scene, if it is safe to do so. Taking pictures and videos helps establish fault.
  4. Get the contact information of any witnesses to the accident. Witnesses can prove helpful in court.
  5. Seek legal guidance. Even if a person does not feel the claims process will become problematic, it is still in their best interest to seek legal help.

Taking the above steps will help to protect a person’s health, rights, and peace of mind immediately after a serious truck accident. The sooner a victim seeks legal help, the less stress they will feel.

Do Not Rush the Process

One of the biggest mistakes injured victims can make is rushing the process of settlement. If a victim feels rushed to settle, they may not be able to think clearly and could find themselves feeling overwhelmed.

Once the settlement paperwork has been signed, there is typically no further recourse for an injured victim. Carefully considering the offer and knowing the value of their claim is integral for receiving a fair outcome.

When in doubt, injured victims should have a lawyer review the insurance settlement offer. A lawyer can help their client through the negotiation process and ensure they receive the fair outcome they deserve.

What to Expect from a Lawyer?

Injured victims who hire a lawyer can rest assured they will receive guidance through the entire process. The lawyer takes over all the steps involved, including the pursuit of the at-fault truck driver and any other parties being held liable.

The goal of the lawyer will be to ensure their client gets the fairest likely outcome. They will seek negotiations with the insurance company or pursue a lawsuit, depending on the best interests of their client.


While all accidents are stressful, colliding with a large eighteen-wheeler is frightening. Serious injuries and damages often result from such a colossal accident.

Getting legal help from the very beginning is critical for assisting injured victims in getting fair compensation. The lawyer becomes an advocate for their injured clients, and they work to protect the rights of those they represent.

Although hiring a lawyer cannot guarantee any outcome in a truck accident claim, those who hire lawyers often receive greater settlement amounts. Getting help from a lawyer is wise with all accident cases, but is especially important when there is so much at stake after a serious truck accident. With a consultation appointment, injured victims can get the legal help they need.