How to sell your junk car online


As paper classifieds are getting outdated, people are searching for other ways of selling their unwanted items. Online alternatives are ideal, as websites offer the convenience of filtering out the characteristics that you don’t want in a product. Therefore, in addition to improving your search and optimizing your time, it also provides a variety of items that match your personal preferences. That said, selling or buying a vehicle online is much easier and is currently the best way of getting rid of a junk car. Here are five excellent tips to help you sell your junk vehicle online. 

1 – Start by looking for buyers

There are hundreds of platforms that allow you to announce used items for sale. Facebook and Craigslist are top-notch choices if the aim is not to spend money on ads for your junk car. These websites have a large number of visitors every day, and most of them are from nearby areas, which might count extra points for both the seller and the buyer. In addition, if the objective is to expand the geographical limits of the transaction, there are places such as,, and, which are nationwide car buying companies specialized in buying junk cars for a fair price. There are numerous advantages of selling for these companies, as they don’t require payment for ads, shelling out extra money for repairs or any of those inconvenient schedule viewings that a regular buyer would insist on having. 

2 – Get to know your car

This is an excellent tip to help sell your junk vehicle faster. Get to know all the advantages about it, every technical detail matter if you want to sell it for a fair price. Buyers will always have a lot of questions about the product so the seller should be able to answer all of them like a pro. Understand that it’s important to be honest about all of the car’s features and any possible repairs the new owner might need to make, just to ensure they won’t complain afterwards. Once you know all the characteristics about your junk car, it’s time to decide the price.

3 – How much should you charge for it?

Now that all the advantages and disadvantages of your junk car are clear, it is important to decide its value. One thing to consider is that you shouldn’t price it too high, otherwise the buyers will most likely ignore the ads. Check the websites for similar cars and pay attention to the value they’re being sold for. That should give you an idea of the price you should charge for your own ride. Always ensure to do some research on what those nationwide car buying companies would pay for your junk car. Platforms like and offer the ‘’Get an Instant Offer’’ feature, which permits dealers to make an offer on your used car. 

4 – Increase the potential of your ads with pictures

Like people often say, a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. So, if you want to improve the quality of your ads and avoid a bunch of questions that could be easily answered through an image, make sure to add as many quality photos of your car as you can.  One tip to ensure all the pictures will look good is to completely wash the vehicle before taking the shots. Remove all the dust of the interior and make sure to include it in the list of the photos you’ll be taking. 

5 – Be flexible on the price

Now that you’ve followed the previous steps, know that people will be really interested in your junk car but you should be prepared to negotiate the price. Some buyers will ask for a discount if they pay in cash, others will reassure you that they want the car but will ask you to lower the price. That said, you can always price it a little higher than the actual value on the ads, that way it will be possible to give that so wanted discount in the end. Keep in mind that lowering the price a little bit will certainly contribute to a quicker sale.