What You Need To Know about Car Transport

There are many reasons you may need to transport your car. You could be relocating, buying, selling, or you could be moving a prized vintage or professional racing car across the country. You may be transporting your vehicle for any one of these reasons, but it’s not usually a task we perform often. Unfortunately, as we see out the decade, our cars aren’t driverless just yet, so we’re here to give you some top tips and share what you need to know about transporting your car safely and cheaply.

Understand the difference between a car transporter and broker

Car transport brokers can give you a great price, but they don’t actually handle the transport of your vehicle. Instead, they on-sell the job and take a cut. This can mean significant discounts, but the more links in the chain mean an increased risk of poor service, or your worst-case scenario, your job not being picked up at all. It’s not always clear on car transport broker websites, so do a bit of digging to ensure you know precisely the kind of service you will receive. A car transport website will book the job with you, or put you in direct contact with the car transporter. Yes, you may pay a little more upfront, but you will have peace of mind knowing exactly who is transporting your car across Australia.

How to get the cheapest car transport deal

There are several tricks to shaving off the price of your car transportation quotes. Look for an online marketplace such as ecoloads where you can post a delivery job, and car transporters can bid against each other to win the job. You can choose the cheapest bid, with the most reliable reviews! Another way to get a more affordable deal is to exercise a little patience. By waiting a little longer for your delivery by putting your car on a multi-vehicle trailer which will likely make several stops along the way. Or, wait for a car transporter to be returning from another job and passing through your town. Waiting a little longer and letting the driver make a few stops and pick up’s on the way can save you a substantial amount.

Understand the different types of car trailer

Depending on your personal requirements, you may need to choose from a range of car trailers. It’s wise to ask your car transporter which one they will be using, as this will determine the price of the job, speed of delivery and the condition your car will arrive.

Types of car trailer

  • Single open trailer – a small trailer for a single car, towed behind a large van or car
  • Single closed trailer – same as an open trailer, but with a closed in unit to protect from the elements
  • Multi-vehicle open trailer – A large trailer fitting up to 6 cars and towed by a big truck
  • Multi-vehicle closed trailer – As the open trailer but closed in, usually with large tarpaulin sheets
  • Tilt car trailer – Lowered tyre rungs to ensure easy loading of low ground clearance and sports cars

A single-use or closed-in trailer will cost more as the driver can’t share the trip with other deliveries. A multi-vehicle open trailer is likely to be the cheapest option, but it will take longer for your car to reach its destination and it will be open to the elements such as wind, rain, hail and dust for the duration of the journey.

Preparing your car for transport

Be a good car transport customer and ensure your vehicle is ready to travel by following the following steps to prepare your car:-

  • Remove all personal items
  • Check for leaks such as oil and water
  • Siphon off the petrol tank and only load with a ¼ of a tank to keep the trailer light and safe
  • Let your car transporter know if there are any issues with the car such as battery, steering etc
  • Complete a condition report before your car is picked up and take photos

In summary, do your homework and understand the difference between a car transporter and broker, approach the job with a willingness to be flexible and be a good car transport customer. By following all of our steps, you’ll have a smooth car transport experience and save yourself a few dollars too!