Mercedes 2019 New Models Reviewed

Since they overtook Lexus to claim the number one spot as the premium car makers in the US, Mercedes has continued to be the best seller in the industry. In 2017, Mercedes sold over three hundred thousand cars in the country and an additional two million vehicles worldwide. This success is owed to the extensive range of models, which have continued to help the brand grow significantly every year. With so many options, it’s typical to be on the fence on which models to buy. Here are the best 2019 models rated and reviewed.

1. Mercedes G-Class

The G-class model has managed to maintain its look for a long time, soldering as an old boxy design. The 2019 model comes with new surprised however. First, you notice a front suspicion and a wide front track. You might be tempted to think it’s heavy, but the luxury car weighs only 375 pounds, which is lighter than the previous model. The pinion steering gives it a sports improvement. The engine offers a 4.0L twin-turbo V8 boasting of a 416 horsepower and 540 lb.-ft. The vehicle feels quicker, is fuel economic, and is more contemporary on the inside. Get it on lease at

2. Mercedes C Class

Available in convertible, coupe, and sedan model, the Mercedes C Class has one of the most exquisite interiors yet. Everywhere you look, and everything you touch will be elegant material. The stable, dynamic handling, and comfortable ride make the C Class an excellent companion for all kinds of driving. It delivers satisfying acceleration with its all-new 382 horsepower M340i model. The convertible and coupe seats four people while the sedan seats five. Its trunk space is average and has been maintained at 12.6 inches, just enough room for a few things.

3. Mercedes A-Class

This Class is about to change in 2019 as it makes its first appearance in the US. However, it will arrive as a sedan and not a hatchback, and will only be enjoyed by the Canadians. Its wheelbase appears to be slightly longer, taller and wide overall compared to its predecessor. It will be offered exclusively at a 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that roars at 221 horsepower. Not as powerful as other Classes but it makes a 7-speed automatic transmission which is pretty decent. The A-Class model is designed as a budget car, but premium cars have a completely different meaning where Mercedes is a concern. It’s priced fairly for the premium market, but as expected, additional features can push the price pretty high.

Other models to note in 2019 include the E class, CLA Class, CLS Class, GLS Class, and GLC Class. While we may not review all of them here, you can be sure the German manufacturer has some cool surprised in each model that will have you eager to get a taste of the vehicles. Mercedes are generally extravagant in offering their riders the thrill of speed, luxury, and value for money.


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