Need A Business Idea? Start A Women Only Cab Company!

As an automobile enthusiast, I am often asked by others for business ideas centered around autos.

There are a number of good ideas to satisfy the passion for driving, but to really make money and to serve a need, I recommend starting a women-only taxi company. Yes, there is Uber, but they don’t operate everywhere and asking for a female driver may have you waiting for quite a while to be picked up. There is certainly a need for a service like this that allows women to feel safe when they are trying to get somewhere. Here are a few ways I would approach this if I were to open this business myself.

Use eco friendly cars

To really show that you are a responsible company that isn’t just looking out for the bottom line, it pays to use a fleet of cars that use biofuels. Women are leading the green revolution and are usually looking for companies that are in line with their values of sustainability. You can make a lasting impression by using a car that won’t do any harm to the environment. 

If the area where you plan to have your routes is mainly urban and congested, then a fleet of cars that don’t emit any harmful exhaust will be looked on kindly.

Keep them fueled up

As you start your business, make sure that you have an account set up with a fuel provider. Whether it is for emergency oil delivery or for your daily fill ups, having an account with a fuel delivery service will save you money and time.

Keep it clean

In the same theme of making an impression, your drivers should not only be all women, but should dress immaculately. They don’t need to wear a suit and tie like a chauffeur, but they should have a smart looking uniform. 

Women notice small details like that and will appreciate a look of professionalism. It also helps them feel comfortable to sit in a spotless car that is detailed and clean.

Use the latest software

Make it easy for people to access the service. After all, it is what gave Uber the edge over traditional taxis as people could do it all from their phone. Try to get a software like Uber where people can use an app to access the reservation system. It will cost a bit but it will provide a great ROI.

Another wonderful service to provide with the app is a tracking feature. A husband ordering a taxi for his wife may want to track it to make sure she arrives where she wanted to. Parents worried about their teenage daughter getting to work or practice will love such a feature.

Charge for a membership

To keep people loyal and using the service, you can charge for a membership. You can have a lot of added value add ons to justify the charge. Services such as providing snacks to members, or other premium services. They can also get discounts on their fare as members.

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