Why Used Cars are Perfect for East Coast College Students

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Whether you’re a seasoned veteran with a couple of years of collegiate experience under your belt or headed into your freshman year about to experience dorm life for the first time, you’re surely aware of the expenses that come along during your years as a college student. One thing that doesn’t have to cost a fortune is your new used car.

 Yes, used cars get a bad rap, but not every dealership is trying to sell you an old beater for a fortune. Several used car dealerships in reading, pa, have made shopping for your new car easier than ever before. 

Make sure that you find a car dealer that will help you to find your perfect match. You can get as specific as you like; style, year, make and model, new or used — you name it. After making your selection, you can request more information, like the CarFax, where you can learn more about your car’s history and have more confidence going into your next big purchase. 

 So, why used instead of new? New cars depreciate rapidly. The value of some new cars can decrease over 20 percent in their first year off the lot, and an added 10 percent each year after. Depreciation may sound bad, but in the world of used cars, you can really make this work to your advantage. Additionally, pre-owned cars are typically less expensive to insure because they cost considerably less to repair and replace. Not only will the car’s depreciation save you money when initially purchasing your car, but it may also lower your annual registration fees.  

Because used cars are less expensive, you may not even need to take out an auto loan. Especially if you know ahead of time that you’re going to be in the market, it’ll be easier for you to save and pay in cash. In some cases, pre-owned vehicles can cost up to 50 percent less than if the car was new. Of course, there are exceptions, especially when it comes to make and model, how recent your used car is, and the overall value. Plus, if you change your mind in the future and decide to sell your car, you may even find a buyer willing to pay close to what you paid.

Because you’ll save on insurance and registration fees, you’ll have a little extra cash to throw around to customize your new wheels. One of the biggest ways dealerships urge you to pay a little extra is through their add-ons. This is the list, often found in the window alongside the factory window sticker, where they offer extra perks such as theft protection, window tinting, or roof racks. Often, there are cheaper alternatives that you can probably install yourself.  Even if you don’t have the skills yourself, use your resources. Tap into your motorhead friends and/or family members.

Maybe the most important thing to consider when purchasing a pre-owned vehicle is not only what is best for your wallet, but also what is good for the environment. Although newer cars may be more environmentally friendly on the road, between acquiring the materials, transportation, and assembly, the production of a new car holds a rather significant carbon footprint. The production of one hybrid vehicle has a larger environmental impact than that of a regular, used gas-fueled car. 

If you’re still having any questions or doubts, reach out to a used car dealership, speak with a staff member, and find the best fit for you. Do your research and show them what you know.