Things to do after being involved in a car accident

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When you’ve been involved in a car accident, serious or minor, you are bound to be experiencing a range of emotions. From anger to embarrassment, sadness to frustration, you may not be thinking straight. Continue reading for the things we believe are vital to do after a car accident.

Health check

Everyone involved in the accident should get a full health check, regardless of how they feel immediately afterwards. Adrenaline can make you focus on other things, giving the impression of masking certain pains. Even minor pains could deteriorate. There is no reason for taking the risk. A health professional is the only person who can truly diagnose you and others who were also travelling in the car.


Dig out your insurance policy and find out what the procedure is. Contact your insurance company as soon as possible and explain what has happened. It is always best to ensure a complimentary hire car service is included with your policy to allow you to go about your everyday business as usual. Do remember to check all of the clauses within your policy to check that you are getting your entitlements. 

Insurance companies are well known for dragging things out, so make sure you keep a record of dates and times you have spoken to them. Be sure to get everything they promise in writing too. A lawyer can also assist you with this, ensuring that you get exactly what you require.

Car health check

Even if your car looks almost unscathed, it is worth getting it checked out. As with humans, damage can be well-hidden. A problem may not come to light until a few weeks or even months later. Do check that this is in line with your insurance policy though, as they may want to use their own tradespeople.


If the accident was through no fault of your own and you are suffering as a result, do get in touch with a car accident lawyer. They will support you to get the support you rightfully deserve. This Kansas City car accident lawyer advises that you speak to a lawyer prior to discussing anything with the other party’s insurance company. Never agree to any sort of financial exchange without going through official channels. This could void your insurance policy and cause problems further down the line. 

Seek support

A car accident can cause you distress immediately or it may hit you later on. Make sure you have a trusted friend or family member who you can talk to about what has happened. Getting back into a car may be a challenge, but one that will be easier the earlier you attempt to overcome it. Having someone who can take that step alongside you can really help. Just talking about random things can take your mind off the task ahead. What’s more, if your car breaks down, you have someone there for support too! For more serious crashes, it is worth talking to a professional about what has happened. If you had younger people in the car, it is vital they receive support too as can impact them just as much. 

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