Save Money and Buy Your Private Number Plate on Finance

The cost of buying a car can be a large expense, and then the added extras such as customising the vehicle and adding a private registration plate might seem impossible to afford, but there are things you can do to spread the costs and make it all affordable. have teamed up with Klarna, the Swedish payment service to offer you a range of finance options to help you spread the cost of paying for a private number plate. We want to make the luxury of having a private number plate as affordable as possible. 

Why buy a private number plate?

Private number plates have often been reserved for the rich and famous, however these days everyone and anyone can own a private number plate as they aren’t as expensive as they may seem. You can pick up a private plate for a few hundred pounds, however, the more desirable plates will fetch hundreds of thousands at auction. 

A private number plate is the perfect way to add character to your car. If you’ve invested in a new vehicle and you want to add a unique touch then this can be one of the best ways to do so. The best thing about it? A private number plate can last as long as you want it to. If you decide to get rid of your vehicle and buy a new one then you can have your number plate transferred and it will only cost £80. Or if you decide to get rid of your car for a while, that’s not a problem, you can retain the number plate until you decide to get a new vehicle. 

Buying a private number plate can also be an investment in the future. Popular number plates can fetch a lot of money at auction and the market is constantly changing. If you’re interested in number plates and want to make some extra money then you could buy and sell private plates. However, it is essential to do your homework first, if you are new to the industry then you will have to research all of the latest trends and see what sells well, and be prepared to potentially lose money too. 

Buying a number plate on finance

If you’ve decided that you want to buy a private number plate, then it’s time to look at the different payment options available. It may not be possible for you to make a full payment straight away, and that’s where Klarna comes in. 

With over 60 million consumers currently choosing to secure their payments with Klarna, it’s safe to say that they are a trusted company and can aid you when it comes to buying a number plate on finance. They will take responsibility for your payment and from here you will be offered a range on finance options to pay back the cost. You can choose to spread the cost over 12,24,36 or 48 months, so you are able to pay as much as you want when you want. 

In order to apply for this form of finance, you must pass necessary credit checks with Klarna, to be eligible you must: 

  • Be over 18 years old 
  • Have a UK bank account that is able to accept direct debits 
  • Be a UK resident with 3 years of continual address history 
  • Be in full time employment, be retired, or have a spouse or civil partner that is in full time employment 

Once you have chosen your private number plate and have been accepted for the finance, you will be informed when the first direct debit will be taken out of your account. This will usually be 30 days after the transaction has taken place. 

Save money and buy your private number plate on finance.

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