5 Things To Consider When Picking A New Car

Next to choosing a house, picking a new car is one decision that could be with you for a few years, in fact some estimates claim people keep a car for over seven years which is surprisingly long and may not be for the best in all situations, I mean if bought new then the depreciation is huge over that amount of time.

1. What Are You Using It For & What To Get

The first thing to consider in choosing a new car is to consider any practical considerations you may need in your vehicle. If you have a large family then there will be obvious size and safety considerations and these are, of course, not negotiable. You might have disability needs and access and comfort are obviously key if this is your situation. If it is just for you or as a couple then it may be that you are after a smaller vehicle with great mileage and low carbon emissions.

2. Trade In On Your Old Vehicle Or Private Sale

If you own your current car are you going to be looking to trade the vehicle in at a dealership or opt for advertising and selling it privately? There are pros and cons of each way of doing this and as with many things in life the trade off is pretty much time vs money, with a private sale you’ll no doubt fetch a higher price but if you trade it in you can avoid the time and hassle of dealing with the dozens of tyre kickers coming round your property and wasting your valuable time.

3. Lease Or Buy New Vehicle

Over the last few years this has become a much more common thing to be considering when getting a new vehicle as the cost of leasing has come down extremely and the amount of people taking this option has increased. The advantages are quite clear, you don’t need a huge upfront sum of cash to get a brand new vehicle, giving you greater choice, if you get the right deal it can often include servicing and repairs meaning you can budget the exact cost per month and per year for your motoring. It’s important to find the best leasing company to advise you on what is the best personal car lease for your particular needs.

4. What Features To Get

What features do you need in your new car, are you wanting to show off with a specialist paint job or have the high end interior or extra features such as heated seats etc. or if you want the built in sat nav. None of these extra features come as standard on many models but it’s always useful to check the deals on models up the range and extra features because they may not be as expensive as you think.

5. The Colour – What Is Best

What is the best colour choice for your car, it all really depends on three things, 1, do you really care, and if not then just go with the standard, 2, how much does the upgrade cost, it might well be within your budget and 3, what colour choice suits the vehicle you’ve chosen best. If still unsure ask the advice of the leasing company and they can advise you on the options available in each make and model.