Drivers Who Go Bump In The Dark

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Driving at night is a terrifying concept for many. Even the most competent drivers shut up their garage doors when the sun goes down. In reality, though, every driver could benefit from feeling confident at night. At the very least, this ensures that they’re always able to make use of their vehicles. Adjusting to nighttime driving can also improve skills as it hones reactions.

No matter how determined you are, though, you may clam up the moment you get behind the wheel at night. Luckily, everyone knows that fear of the dark is often due to the monsters in the closet. Driving is no different, only the monsters are the other vehicles. By facing up to them, you may find the strength you need to make night driving work for you. So, keep reading to find out who those monster are, and how you can defeat them.

High-beam drivers

Many of us hate night driving for no other reason than high-beam headlights. Most states have laws about dimming high beam lights when you get within 500 feet of another vehicle. Sadly, not all drivers adhere to this. Even worse, you won’t be able to see their registrations to report them. But, there’s no reason you should continue to let drivers like this throw you. Bear in mind, too, that flashing them would put you on the wrong side of the law as well. Instead, do your best to avoid looking right into the beams. You may also benefit from slowing down until you have full visibility again.

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Drunk drivers

We love a drink when the sun goes down, but many ruin it by getting into their cars afterward. Statistics show that the highest number of drunk drivers hit our roads between midnight and 3 AM. As such, you may imagine that any night time forays will end with your needing to phone DUI accident attorneys in the aftermath of drunken collisions. But, that doesn’t need to be the case. Again, knowing how to handle this should keep you safe. By looking out for signs like erratic driving and swerving across lanes, you can pull back and keep yourself safe. You’d then even be in a position to report the driver in question and save someone else in the process. All because you weren’t afraid to drive at night.

Speedy drivers

Even without alcohol, speeding at night is a common cause for accidents. Quieter roads and less police cars often lead to a false sense of security for speeders. Us respectable drivers hate nothing more than being tailgated by fast drivers. Again, though, this is often easier to handle than you imagine. The main thing is not to let drivers like this intimidate you. If you’re within the limit, keep going and don’t look behind. The need for speed is their problem, not yours. If you find their proximity disconcerting, pull over and let them pass. That way, they can do what they want without ever being able to endanger you.


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