Starting a Business in The Auto Industry: 4 Ideas to Consider


If you have always had a love for cars or developed one over the years, then starting a business in this industry may have always been in the pipeline for you. One of the hardest decisions to make could be when the best time to start is considering the many risks involved in starting a business. Aside from this, perhaps you’re also thinking about what area you should specialize in as there are different sub-sectors within the industry.

Having said that, to help you get started, find four startup ideas you could consider if you decide to become an entrepreneur in this sector.

Comparison Website

Online shoppers are becoming increasingly popular and the trend doesn’t seem ready to slow down anytime soon. In light of this, the opportunities are endless when it comes to digital businesses that you could start within the auto industry. Comparison websites are pretty popular these days and this could be because people are looking or ways to save money.

It may be more of an incentive to know that you can start a comparison website from the comfort of your own home. To begin, you’d need to create a website keeping in mind how you’re going to compare the products, whether it be via comparison tables or user being able to enter info and narrow down their search. You can then go on to market the site and look for ways to make a profit such as through partnering with car businesses or private dealers.

Sell Parts

If you’d rather do something more lowkey in the auto industry, why not think about selling parts? The industry is said to be worth over a billion dollars, so you’re likely to be able to acquire your own part of the market. Think about selling parts such as trailer axles to towing companies or engines to mechanics as well.

If you decide to sell used parts, you called also be doing something good for the environment as you prevent such parts from ending up in landfills.

Rental Company

Not everyone wants to deal with the costs associated with owning a car. Some want to use one only when they need it and that’s where rental companies come into play. If you like the idea of leasing cars out for people to use, consider going down this path. You should know, however, that it may be capital intensive so make sure you calculate the startup costs first.

Before then, you may need to decide what business model you want to use. There’s the option of daily hire which allows customers to rent for a few hours daily. However, if you opt to try contract hire, then they would likely be taking your cars for days at a time. As with any business, come up with a business plan so you can clarify your idea and iron out the details.

Mobile Mechanic

If you want to start a more hands-on business and you have an in-depth knowledge of cars, starting a mobile mechanic business is a great idea. It’s your chance to work on a flexible schedule and eliminates the need to have a physical office. To start, you’d need to buy tools that help you carry out your job like a ratchet, air tools, or a socket set. Your competitive edge should be that you go to where customers are instead of them coming to you.



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