Quit The Moaning About The Roads!

Moany drivers are the worst kind of drivers. We get that the odd passing comment or two is normal. Sometimes you just encounter the worst kind of drivers, and you’ve just got not choice but to let a couple of bad words slip out of your mouth, readjust, and carry on. But boy are there some road raging people flying around at the moment. For some reason, tempers just run so high, and before you know it you’ve got people on a path of destruction. Moany drivers are not only dangerous, but they’re the worst kind of people to be in the car with. All you can think about is wishing they would calm down, and talk about anything other than the people they’re encountering on the road. So, if you know you’re a bit of a moany or angry driver, we want to try and convince you why you should stop. Both for the safety of the roads, and the mental health of the people in the car with you.

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It Just Gets So Dangerous

When you’re going through one of these road rage moments, we know there are a few things that are going to happen. The first is you’ll start to shout, urging the person troubling you to move out of your way. When they don’t, rage will build further. God forbid they start to shout and make hand gestures back, because then you’re going to slam your foot down on the accelerator, and try to go around them. It’s in this angered moment when crashes happen, and serious ones at that. Quittance road accident specialists see so many different cases where the driver simply says they were trying to get out of the way of another driver. Because when you put your foot down and try and maneuver around someone, you’re so angry that you forget to check who might be coming! You just have to make sure you’re careful with your road rage!

You Kill The Fun Of Driving

Driving is fun… for the most part. It’s fun when you’re going for those long road trips that just can’t be beat. It’s fun when you have a car full of happy people, such as your family or friends. It’s fun when you’re going somewhere you’ve just never been before! Don’t be that person that kills the fun of driving by always moaning, for both yourself and the people in the car. Think of all of the reasons why you used to love driving, and forget about all of the things you’ve started to hate about.

You’re Taking It All For Granted

You really are taking it all for granted. Think about the things that you used to have to do before driving. You’d have to walk, or god forbid you would have to get the bus. Now you drive around in your car, smiling smugly at all of the people doing the two things just mentioned, whilst you sit in your comfy air conditioned car, going anywhere you want to go!

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