Stop Doing This And You’ll Make Your Brakes Last Twice As Long

The brakes are one of the most important parts of your car, but they are one of the components that tend to wear out the fastest, too. Why? Most people don’t realize they are doing things that negatively impact the brakes and cause them wear down much faster than they usually would. Heed our advice, and you can make your brakes last twice as long. What should you stop doing? Read on to find out…

Failing To Consider The Weight In Your Car

If your vehicle is carrying multiple passengers, along with a full boot, or even towing another car/caravan, you’re going to need to put more pressure on the brakes when it’s time to stop. Remove items from the boot that don’t need to be there, and make sure you’re keeping it as light as possible.

Taking Shorter Journeys When You Could Walk/Bike

Shorter journeys usually consist of more stopping and starting due to things like traffic lights and junctions. If you’re driving on motorways more often, you’re likely to cruise along and not use them as much. When you can walk, then walk. You’ll get exercise and save your brakes.


Zoning Out

It can be all too easy to get lost in your thoughts and zone out while driving, and this can mean putting on the brakes a little faster and sharper than you should be. Pay close attention to the traffic ahead and anticipate any potential braking situations.

High Speed Driving

High speed driving often results in you needing to brake heavily and quickly, which is something else that puts your brake pads under pressure.

Maintaining Your Brake Pads

Now that you have a good idea of what you shouldn’t be doing, let’s talk a little more about keeping your brake pads in good condition. They will likely need to be changed at some point, but should you do it yourself? You can find EBC Brakes and other types of brakes you may need online, but you’ll need a good level of knowledge to be able to do this yourself. It isn’t like changing your wiper blades or topping up your oil. The brakes are a crucial part of the car and must be fitted correctly.

Signs To Look Out For Worn Brakes

You should also know the signs to look out for worn brakes. Below are some of the things you may notice in your car when your brakes are due to be changed.

  • Pulling to one side – if your vehicle is pulling to one side, then you likely have a brake fault.
  • Loud screeching – a loud screeching sound when braking will indicate that your brakes should be looked at and changed sooner rather than later. A grinding noise indicates that your pads have been completely worn down. Do not drive your vehicle if you notice this.
  • Vibrations – if your brake pedal is vibrating when you push on it, this could indicate that it is warped due to heat build up.

You can also look over your brake pads to see if there are any issues. Just remember, you can only see a few millimeters so you may not be able to diagnose this alone.

Happy driving!


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