Big Mistakes Nearly All New Drivers Make


Every driver was a new driver at one stage, and usually, with a long time on the road comes great experience. However, there are big mistakes that new drivers tend to make. Knowing what these mistakes are will help you to avoid them so you can stay safe, keep other people safe, and stop your car from dying prematurely. Below we have the big mistakes outlined so you can avoid them. Take a look!

Having Too Many People In The Car At Once

You’ve got your license, you’re very excited, and you want to go on a road trip with your nearest and dearest. Well, now probably isn’t the best time to do so. Why? Because too many people in the car can be awfully distracting. Unless they are all going to be quiet and barely speak to you or each other for the duration of the journey, you should probably cancel the road trip until you have more experience. Limit the amount of people you have in the car to start with.

Becoming Overly Confident Once In Possession Of A License

You’ve got your license, but this is where the real learning starts. Becoming overly confident is a huge mistake, and you’ll likely end up regretting it pretty soon. Stay cautious and gain as much experience as you can. If you’re a young driver, it can be too tempting to show off to your friends, but this is when most accidents happen.

Paying Through The Nose For Insurance

As a new driver, you’ll naturally have to pay more for insurance until you can prove to insurance companies that you’re a safe driver and unlikely to have an accident. This doesn’t mean you have to pay through the nose, though. Do what you can to lower your insurance, such as having a black box installed, and looking at sites like BBMC to get a dash cam. You could also invest in a few more safety features and avoid modifications to your car that bump up the price. Never lie, though, as your insurance will be void if something does happen.  

Not Getting Used To The Car Before Driving It

You should get to know your car inside out before driving it. Where are all of your lights, for instance? Make sure you know where everything is so you can use it at the drop of a hat without thinking when behind the wheel.  

Driving Uncomfortably

Adjust your seat, put on your seatbelt, make sure your mirrors are in the right position. Drive comfortably and ensure you’re not making things harder for yourself.

Sharp Braking And Accelerating

Sharp braking and accelerating will cause more damage to your car in the long run. Make sure you keep an eye on the road ahead and judge it appropriately so you can slow down in advance.

Not Learning How To Maintain The Car

Knowing how to maintain your own car will keep you safe and save you a fortune. Know how to check your oil, put air in your tyres, and keep things clean. There are plenty of basic maintenance tasks you can do yourself that will save you a fortune. Don’t ignore lights though – use an app to diagnose and take it to the garage to be fixed if you can’t do it yourself!



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