4 New Driver Rules To Teach Your Teen


The time has finally come for your teenager to take their greatly anticipated driving test. They have been pestering you for years about getting their permit and you’re anxiously waiting for them to take their lessons and become experienced. You feel as though it is your job to prevent them from making big mistakes; you see all sorts of awful horror stories on the news about reckless teenage drivers so you will do everything in your power to stop this from happening to your youngster. Make sure they are confident and mature enough to get behind the wheel and consider the following four new driver rules to teach your teen.

1. Accident Protocols

The last thing you want to think about is your teen getting into an accident on the roads, but anything can happen so you need to prepare them. Make sure they understand all of the relevant protocols in these circumstances, such as calling the police, getting the other driver’s details, informing their insurers and even contacting a lawyer from AitkenLaw.com. Once they know what to do in an unexpected situation like this, you will have peace of mind that they will know how to handle anything when out and about on the roads.

2. Drinking and Driving

Most teenagers are taught about the dangers of drinking and driving whilst they are at school. From a young age this should be instilled into them, but it is your job to keep reiterating this to them. Encourage them to call you if they have had a drink at a party, rather than dangerously getting behind the wheel. Give them money for a cab home if they are worried about spending too much money; do whatever you need to do to keep them safe and sound.

3. Speeding

It can be very exciting to have your own car and licence for the first time; we have all been through it in the past. Speeding is one of the biggest dangers on the roads so make sure your teen is aware of all the risks. Inform them on all of the local speed limits on the roads nearby so that they know what speed they need to stick to before they even hit the road.

4. Safety First

Wearing a seatbelt is probably the difference between life and death in so many car accident cases. No matter how long or short the journey your teen needs to make sure he or she is safely buckled, not forgetting any passengers too. They shouldn’t hit their foot on the gas until everybody in that car is safely strapped in.

When your youngster grows up and is ready to drive a car it can be a very difficult event to experience. Suddenly you have no control over their actions and you want them to make good decisions every time they step into their car. As long as they are aware of the potential dangers on the roads and what to do when trouble strikes, they will be ready for anything on their new journey.



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