Do it yourself: How to clean your car quickly!

Cleaning the car is such a chore, especially if you want it to sparkle. There’s the rugs to clean, the windows, and the console, it can seem like a never-ending list of chores. With our help and expertise, however, we can show you how to do a basic clean of the interior and show you some ways to cut the time you have to spend on it. Follow our list and you will be able to clean your car quickly.

1. Vacuum up the dust as you brush it off

Many people get out all those tools that come with their hoover for this part of the job, but it really isn’t necessary. You can achieve a similar finish simply by brushing all the dust and debris off from surfaces such as seats or around the console and hoovering it up as you go.

2. Remove and replace your cabin’s air filter to get rid of smells

It is recommended that you replace the air filter in your cabin every 12 months or after 12,000 miles. If you don’t it could get clogged with dirt, dust and even mould spores which will leave an unpleasant smell in your car. It can even affect the effectiveness of your air conditioning or heating system. Find out how to replace your cabin air filter here.

3. Use a Magic Eraser to scrub sticky things off of vinyl or leather

If you have children you probably will have experienced the horrible sticky messes that they often leave behind. It’s fine, though just grab a Magic Eraser and they will be dealt with in no time. If you feel like your car does need more attention, you can learn more about DIY detailing.

4. Banish animal hair from your upholstery with a spray bottle of water and a squeegee

Animal hair can survive even the most effective of vacuum cleaners, it just remains where it is on your upholstery no matter how hard you try to hoover. You could try spraying the area with a bottle of water and then cleaning it with a squeegee. Find out how this works here.

5. Spray your floor mats with stain remover and throw them in the washing machine

You really don’t need to spend time scrubbing your floor mats. They are safe to put in the washing machine, so why not do that and let the washer do the hard work for you? You could spend the time that you save doing some maintenance check on your car. Take a look at our blog post for ideas of checks you could do this weekend.

6. Use a cleaning powder and water to clean your wheels

Make your wheels look new by giving them a quick scrub with some cleaning powder and water. They’ll look much nicer plus it prevents dirt being splashed from them onto your car body, helping your car look quicker for longer.

7. Shine up cloudy headlights with toothpaste and water

It is essential that you keep your headlights in a clean condition to prevent the light coming from them being dimmed. They are the only thing that helps other drivers see you in the dark, ensure that they can at all times. Just mix a little bit of toothpaste with some water and get scrubbing, they will look much brighter for it.


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