5 Tips for Preserving Your Car’s Battery


You can buy the fastest engine or the most expensive technology, but none of it matters if you do not have the right battery in your automobile. From a quick motor turnover to a charge for your smartphone, a fully functioning battery is critical to mobility. As the lifespan of most batteries is 2 to 5 years, there are environmental and personal behaviors that affect their usability. Here are five tips from the Car Care Portal that will preserve your battery and extend its lifespan.

1. Remove Corrosion

Terminals are notorious for becoming corroded with acid. Any time you check your fluid level, you should also check your battery for corrosion. There are many ways you can clean and maintain your battery posts. Use a hard-bristled brush or a cleaning solution like baking soda and water to clean posts. You can also use Coke to eat away the erosion if stranded. Prevention is best, so use anti-corrosion washers and petroleum jelly to avoid buildup.

2. Keep the Battery Posts Tightened

When your battery is not connected to the posts properly, it will cause a complete loss of power because of the unstable contact. You must always check to make sure they are tight, which will avoid many of the electrical issues that occur from loss of connectivity. When replacing windshield wiper fluid, check the posts quickly as well.

3. Check Battery Performance

When you buy a new battery, you generally receive a warranty that defines how long the manufacturer believes the battery will hold a charge. To avoid any disruption, you must check your battery’s performance twice per year, so you know when it needs to be replaced. If you wait until you notice signs of wear and tear, it increases the probability of a mechanical failure. You have access to car dealers or auto parts stores that will perform a free battery performance test.

4. Never Use Your Electronics When in the Idle Position

Always turn off any electronics when not in use. When your car is also not in the drive position, electronics like the air conditioner, GPS or radio usage will reduce the power that your car normally generates. When in the idle position for long periods of time, it also will reduce your battery’s overall performance long-term.

5. Always Ensure Your Lights Are Off Upon Exiting

One of the most common problems with battery power loss is because of personal behaviors. Leaving your headlights or the interior lights on by accident will run down your battery and reduce the expected lifespan quickly. Some drivers will also accidentally turn on the rearview window lights when adjusting it. Others forget to turn the lights off after looking for something in the back seat of the car. Make it a habit to inspect for light sources visually every time you reach your destination to prevent the complete loss of your battery source as it is easy to miss it.

Maintaining your battery will extend its life and expected usage. While your battery is only one of many smaller car parts, it is a critical one that determines your ability to travel when necessary.


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