2018 Auto Interior Advancements that Will Shift Seat Cover Trends

Custom seat cover trends influenced by auto shows and auto interior technological advancements

We’ve seen a lot of exciting changes coming to the automotive market with the latest auto shows. Car manufacturers have been showing off their new designs and previewing new technology and concepts, letting us know what we can expect for the coming year and in the next few years. Big changes are in store for us!

Not only will these advancements improve the style and comfort of our cars, but some of them will also change the way that seat covers are designed. Here’s a look at how:

Fully Adjustable Designs

More automobiles are leaning toward offering fully adjustable seating for the driver and front passenger. We’re sure it won’t be that much longer for all the seats to follow! Car seats are going to have to adapt to the ability of seats to adjust in multiple directions. They will have to be made with more stretchable fabrics or will have to be designed to allow for movement in another way. The design may be paired with different styles, as well.

Seat Ventilation

Leather and vinyl seats are especially vulnerable to hot temperatures, and they can easily heat up enough to give you a nasty burn if you sit on them bare legged. Thankfully, more manufacturers are now putting out vehicles that have ventilated seats to keep you cool when the temperatures are merciless. Car seat covers will need to adapt to allow for the free flow of cool air between the seat and the passenger. Breathable fabrics will be used in the seat covers, and designs may need to have vents, as well.

Seat Massage

What would be better than getting a massage while you’re driving on a long road trip? You can relieve the stiffness without ever getting out of the car. Some auto manufacturers are now offering seats with massage features. Car seat covers for these vehicles will need to accommodate those features, such as by using thinner fabrics so as not to block the massagers. Some car seat covers might even try to compete with manufacturers by offering their own massage technology. The introduction of this feature opens up a lot of possibilities!

There are a lot more options for car seat covers than the colors you choose. With the changing automotive technology, even car seat covers are going to start offering new features and designs.

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