Making Money with Your Car


Cars are expensive. Then, there are the other associated costs. You have to buy (or lease) your vehicle. Then, there’s insurance and tax. You have to pay for petrol, which seems to get more expensive all of the time. Your car needs an annual MOT, and most of us opt for a full yearly service. That’s if everything goes well. You could also face expensive repairs and need replacement parts. If you are unfortunate enough to have an accident you could also be subject to legal costs, raised insurance premiums and loss of income. Driving is expensive, and all of these costs are putting many young people off even learning, which is also ridiculously expensive.

But, have you ever thought about trying to recoup some of these costs by using your vehicle to make money? There are plenty of ways to make anything from a little extra pocket money to a substantial additional income. Let’s take a look at some of the best.

Sell Your Plates

You’ve probably heard of people buying personalised number plates. But, did you know that you can also sell the registration of your car and that if you do this, DVLA will usually issue you a new registration for free? If your plates are particularly rare or display an in-demand set of letters or numbers, you might find that you can make quite a bit of money from them. But, because your number plates are the official registration of your car, it’s essential that you do this through a respected company. Look at private number plates valuations to get an idea of what you need to do and what you could make.

Sell Your Space

If you’ve got a car, you might also have a private parking space, driveway or garage. Either at home, at work or somewhere else entirely. If you don’t use these spaces, or you only use them at certain times or specific times of the year, you could rent it out. Parking can be very expensive, and people can struggle to find spaces in busy areas. You might be able to find someone willing to pay for a long-term rent of a space that you don’t even use.

Work as a Delivery Driver

Delivery drivers are more in demand than ever before. Companies like Just Eat mean that more restaurants and take away places are offering delivery and looking for drivers. Retailers also hire freelance drivers to help them, especially over the holidays when there are far more orders. This can be a great opportunity to work only when you are free or need some extra cash.

Drive People

If you’ve got a car, you can also work as a taxi driver. Like working as a delivery driver, you can work freelance and set your own hours and rates. Local car companies or bigger organisations like Uber are always looking for extra drivers, and often allow completely flexible working, especially now customers are able to pay their fares online without the need for cash.



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