Driving In Europe – 4 Considerations To Stay Safe


It might be that your current road trips are taking on something of a grey hue. Driving down the same roads and exploring the same states will take a little time to become tiring, but if it’s all you know then it’s sure to feel a little flat. It might be that driving in a completely new continent, one as varied in road structure and beauty as Europe for example, could be your best bet to experience a wonderful summer for any petrolhead. To do this, you’ll need to know a few safety and personal measures to keep in mind if driving in this wonderful continent.

Remember that this trip will require plenty of planning, but it’s more than achievable to adhere to these new rules if you’re careful. For example:

Road Rules Variances

You need to remember that Europe is not the United States. It comprises of many sovereign nations, each with their own driving code. To some degree the driving code worldwide is relatively universal, but each place has its own quirks. In Europe, a long drive across the landmass could mean switching into three or even four different driving zones over the space of the week. Shipping cars from USA to UK roads will have you driving on the left for example, while switching to France will once again return you to the right side of the road.

It might be you need temporary driving licenses for a certain nation, or that you need to ensure a specific document is in your possession in order to gain access in your motor vehicle. Also keep in mind the size of your vehicle, as European roads are thinner and more turbulent in general, and a larger vehicle might struggle across some of the most beautiful scenic routes.

Border Control

With many countries comes many borders, and each one will require a different method of entry. It might be you can apply for temporary European vehicle insurance to cover many zones, that you rent a vehicle in Europe to ensure it is accredited and well licensed for that area, or that the certain specifics of a vehicle match the area that you hope to drive in. For example, Paris plans to ban any diesel vehicles from its city centre by 2030, and some reports say 2025. This is important to know if you hope to plan your great European adventure, as many nuances such as this could stop you when you least expect it. Plan your route and you should be fine.

Signs, Speed & Care

Remember that road signage can be different from country to country here. For this reason, it’s important to know what you’re getting into. Being able to convert from kilometers per hour to miles per hour can help you gauge speed, or it might help you gauge the distances. Remember that some roads may feel different to drive on, from the spanning width of the autobahn to the looping systems of the northern cities of England. Everywhere you go is sure to have its own quirks and infrastructure, so be sure to keep this in mind.

With these tips, you are sure to begin driving in Europe to the best of your ability.



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