Ciao Bella – 4 Supercharged Reasons To Sell Your Supercar

Congratulations on being one of the few petrolheads who has lived the dream and owned a supercar. You saw, you came and you conquered, and you deserve credit because in your garage is a vehicle that is bound to piss off the neighbors. Well done, sir/madam, you diabolical genius.

Usually, this is enough to keep hold of a beautiful car for life. If not, there is the cost of depreciation, the fact that you may never own another and the sentimental value. We all remember our first time. However, holding on to a car may be the wrong decision. Here are four supercharged reasons to sell, sell, sell.

It’s Easy

Buying a supercar is like trying to get hold of an exotic animal. There’s a lot of whispering, plenty of dodgy handlers, and the sense that it’s never going to happen. Then, low and behold, the impossible becomes a reality. Finally, after all that time, you have the keys in your hands. Saxton 4×4 makes sure the process of selling isn’t as stressful. A quick glance at the website can land you a quote in a matter of minutes and the car may be off your drive within days. There are lots of dealers that are happy to buy, so don’t believe the ‘they-are-impossible-to-offload’ myth.


It’s A Business Move

Hold on, before you judge this post as the enemy, listen to the reasoning. Yes, petrolheads take car collection seriously. It’s more than an investment; it’s a lifestyle choice. No one at Driven Autos is going to argue because we aren’t here to change your feelings. Instead, we want you to understand the business side of things. Supercars are assets that are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, but some depreciate. Others, like a Porsche 911, maintain or increase their value. Regardless, it’s worth thinking about selling before the value drops too low or the bubble bursts.

It’s Freedom

For god’s sake, it’s happened again. That is the familiar whine of an owner complaining about their car. Sadly, it doesn’t feel so super when you’re stood by the side of the road waiting for a tow truck. The piece of crap! You probably know this already, but lots of makes and models are horrendous to maintain, Italian cars having the worst reputation. Plus, there is fuel-economy to factor in as well as family living. A Lambo isn’t designed to pop down to the store for a carton of milk. Selling up straight up frees you of the hassle.


It’s Not Midlife Crisis Time

You bought the Porsche during a difficult period of your life that is now over. Oh yes, this is a reference to the midlife crisis section of adulthood. When this happens, it’s natural to splash out because shopping is the best kind of therapy. Now that you’re stable and content with aging owning a Ferrari seems embarrassing. What people must think when you roll up outside of school to pick up the kids. Sorry, but a minivan is a more practical option.

Under what circumstances would you sell a car that you cherished?