Thinking of Buying a New Car? Five Must Have Safety Features to Look Out for

If you would like to swap your veteran car to a shiny new model, you might want to get the best value for your money. Trading in your old time friend can be a hard decision to make, but if you get a more comfortable, safer, and more economical ride at the end, it will be all worth it. To keep up with the technology and get all the safety features you might need on short and long journeys, we have created a list of things you should get in your new car.

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On Board Camera

Today it is important that you record what is going on in your car and on the road. In case you are involved in an accident and get blamed, even if it was not your fault, you can prove your point if you have an on board camera. While this is usually an additional feature, you could also get an aftermarket camera that works with your car. Check out for the latest deals and best models out there.

Reverse Sensor

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You might have noticed that car parking spaces are getting smaller, while cars are becoming bigger and wider. To get your parking maneuvers right every time and cover your blind spots, you might want to get a reverse sensor or backing up camera with your new car. This will help you monitor the situation without having to constantly looking over your shoulder, and avoid silly mistakes that can cost you hundreds in repair cost.

Automatic Emergency Braking

To take advantage of computer technology and react to sudden situations faster, you should get a car that has automatic emergency braking. You might not have your top performance every split second, and this is when the sensors of the car come handy. This feature can help you prevent accidents, by reacting to the situation faster than any human possibly could.

Tire Pressure Monitoring

Another useful driver convenience and safety feature is tire pressure monitoring. The last thing you want to do is doing top speed on the highway on flat or poorly inflated tires. Make sure that you get this feature included in your car, so you don’t have to kick the wheels every time you go on a longer journey.

Lane Keeping Assist

Those who drive long distances every day will certainly benefit from having a lane keeping assistance built in their new car. Some models have advanced lane departure warning systems that provide visual, audio, or seat vibration signals, so you can drift back safely in your lane. While you shouldn’t drive when you are tired, you might feel unwell or find it hard to concentrate on the road. This feature can potentially save your life and help you avoid accidents on the highway.

When you go out looking for a new car, you should look out for the available and standard safety features offered by the dealer or manufacturer. The selection of technologies should depend on your lifestyle, driving habits, and preferences.


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