Getting the Most from Your Used Car


Unless it’s a company car, most people will typically buy used when looking for a new way to get around that doesn’t involve engaging in public transport. Some people may look at used cars as sloppy seconds, older models that don’t run half as well as a brand new model.

However, this is not all that true. It is well known amongst those in the auto circle that a car loses between 15% and 25% of its value from just driving it out of the lot. With used cars, you don’t get that problem. That being said, just because you’re the second or third person to drive this car doesn’t mean that you can treat it like a rickety race car because it was cheap.


All petrolheads want to rev and speed and show off their new (or new to you) wheels as soon as they can. But as with any new car, you need to get to grips with pedal sensitivity; you need to get the hang of how the car moves, stops, turns, and sits.

It is tempting to rev away, but unless you are an irresponsible driver, which we really hope you aren’t, then it’s no good busting a gut, or an exhaust in this case, just to prove you can. It takes time to get used to a new car and for all you know, this vehicle could have been sat in a yard for months without any use. Understanding the necessary caution required when first learning all its quirks and secrets will allow this car to last much longer than many may predict.


We all have things that we love to have in cars. If you love listening to music then updating the radio – if need be – is probably something high on your list of priorities. But there also things that you need to do after purchasing if only to ensure everything works.

Showing off your personality in a car helps you shed the feeling that someone was here before. You can hang things from the rear-view mirror; you can update the upholstery, you can do add flame stickers to the side if that’s your kind of thing. Whatever it is, making the car yours will make you feel more protective of the vehicle and consider it your property, not something that was passed down.


Depending on the age of the car, you must also consider what will happen with it when you too have gotten the most out of this vehicle like its owners before you. Some people elect to merely trash it and send it to be crushed and gutted for spare parts. This is typically when the car has caused more trouble than it is worth. But others like to start building a legacy, passing it down to their children or younger siblings or selling it off, again

If this is the kind of thing you have in mind, then the general upkeep of the vehicle is essential. You can personalise it and show off your personality all you want (see above), but the vital organs of the car, the engine and the brakes and everything else need to be kept in proper working order.


A lot of people see a car merely as a means to an end; a way to get from A to B and that is that. But for others, the car becomes part of their identity. Getting the most from your used car then is to is all about the care you put into it. Treat it well, and you will be treated well in return.


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