They See Me Rusting, They’re Hating


Cars have a metal body which can suffer from corrosion in the presence of oxygen and water or air moisture and gradually develop rust. Rust is the last thing you want to be happening to your car. While corrosion is a non-reversible process, it is also a process that can be avoided with an adequate car care routine, or that can be stopped with the right tools and methods. Whether you can protect your vehicle against it or fix it when it starts appearing on a few spots of the car body, there’s no denying that rust doesn’t add any aesthetic value to a vehicle. You may be all for the steampunk look, but a corroded body or car part is certainly not a stylish addition to your car. So where does rust come from and how can you deal with it in the best possible way?

The rust that comes from leaving the car unused

Rust is a reaction of iron in the presence of moisture and air. While your car body tends to be protected by paints, there are specific parts of your car that can rapidly corrode if you leave your car standing in the driveway for too long without using it, namely your brake pads, as seen on The brakes are especially important, as without functioning brakes your car becomes a death trap. How do you notice when rust has built up? You’ll find that the wheels are difficult to move at first, as the brake pads have corroded to the disc. Once the brake pads finally separate, it doesn’t happen without damaging the disc too. The best way to avoid this is to park your vehicle in a covered area and to drive the car every few days.

The rust caused by a manufacturer’s mistake

Rust in the car body can occur as the result of a design mistake from the manufacturer, as it is the case for most of the rust issues located on the front wheel arches of recent Volkswagen vehicles. The arch lining placed by the manufacturer tends to retain moisture which with time causes rust to the front wing. You can benefit from the 12 years anti-corrosion warranty from Volkswagen to get your front wings changed by a specialist bodywork garage such as Changing your wings is a quick and simple operation that can happen within a few hours at a car body repairs expert.

The rust caused by weather conditions

As a general rule of the thumb, corrosion is the result of excessive moisture getting through the damaged body paint. This can happen if you live near the ocean, for instance, where the salt water could attack the paint and leave room for rust to grow. When this happens, you can still find ways to spot clean your car, following the instructions. You might need to remove the paint and grind the rust off before you can prime and repaint the corroded areas. This only work for partial surface rust!

In short, of course, you should do your best to avoid rust. But if you notice corrosion, you can still address the issue effectively and protect your car from further damage. Don’t let your car rust n’ roll for too long, though!




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