Should I Fix or Junk My Old Car?


Did your old car break down leaving you at a crossroads of whether to fix or junk the car? It’s not always a clear-cut decision. You may be tired of pouring money into the aging machine. While a new ride would be nice, you may not be sure it’s the smartest decision right now. Take a look at these various points to consider about fixing up or selling your old car so you can make the most informed decision.

Arguments for fixing up

Buying a different car might not be the best thing for you, whether it is due to financial constraints or some other reason. It may be a smarter idea to get the repairs done instead and hold on to your car for a while longer.

Car parts aren’t always cheap, but there are some ways to save cash on certain repairs. Consider getting the car part from a junkyard. Navigating the junkyard can be tricky – but if you want to repair your car yourself, the junkyard may have the parts you need in good condition. Fixing a car is nearly always less expensive than buying a new ride.

If you have a sentimental attachment to your car, you’re probably hesitant to trade it in or sell it. Maybe the car is the only one you’ve even owned, maybe it’s the car you’ve driven your children around in for the last decade, or maybe it’s a gift from someone. A sentimental attachment may make it more difficult to part ways with your car if it’s not necessary and go the route of fixing it up instead.

Arguments for buying new

After you spent a large sum of money fixing your car the last time if broke down, you vowed you wouldn’t put another cent into it. However, the thought of buying a new car is intimidating; change can be tough. But if you’ve been thinking, “I want to junk my car,” it may be time to bite the bullet and head to the dealership.

If you find yourself fretting about future breakdowns, remember that a new car comes with a warranty, or you can purchase an extended warranty for ease of mind. This means you’ll have a few years before you have to deal with paying for any major repairs the vehicle may need. It’s nice to have the peace of mind when it comes to costs associated with pricey car repairs, and to know you have a reliable vehicle that will get you from here to there.

Another good perk of buying a new car are the safety features in the newest cars. The latest technology and features like back-up cameras and blind-spot monitoring are becoming standard fare on new cars.

Ways to extend the life of your car

If you aren’t at a place where you need to figure out whether to fix your car or trade it in, there are some steps you can take to prevent and hopefully avoid the cost of repairs.

Make sure you get your car maintained at appropriate intervals to avoid breakdowns. If you do have any issues with your car and don’t know whether things will get worse, you can opt to use the Internet to see what has happened to other people in a similar situation. The knowledge can act as a benefit to help you know what types of problems tend to be associated with your vehicle as it ages.

A car that is hovering on the edge of oblivion can cause some sleepless nights. You need to decide if you’d prefer to part ways with your old car on your own terms or wait until the car won’t start and you have no choice but to say good bye. While you may not be quite ready to put the money down on a new car, you can’t put a price tag on the peace of mind that comes with driving a new vehicle.



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