Why You Shouldn’t Delay Getting Your First Car

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So you’ve just passed your driving test and you’re feeling like a million bucks. Congratulations, you are now among the elite ranks of those permitted to experience the pleasures and convenience of a driver’s life.

What’s that you say? You have good public transport in your area? You’re going to wait a while before getting a car? Is that going to be in the region of a few months, or a few years?

It can be easy for a newly qualified driver to rest on their laurels and delay getting a car indefinitely. That’s often a bad idea, and not just for those who are wondering “how do I get a car title loan?” Here are some reasons you shouldn’t delay getting that first car.

Those inaccessible holiday locations will be within reach

Even if you’re able to get around your local area without any trouble, and without the use of a car, you may belacking imagination in terms of all the other benefits that will come from your increased mobility.

For one, those inaccessible and exotic holiday locations or points of interest that you’ve always had your eye on? They’re suddenly accessible if you have a car — often with little effort required.

While busses, trains, and bicycles have their limits, cars can take you virtually anywhere. You may be content to leave it parked in your garage for most of the time, but owning a car simply opens the map up to you.

You’ll have more autonomy in an emergency

Having a car makes you more autonomous in general, and one of the key areas where this can play out is in emergencies of any kind. This ranges from minor “emergencies” like “we’ve run out of bread and milk and the store closes in 10 minutes” to larger problems such as “my dog is ill and needs to get to the vet immediately.”

Not only does having a car make you better able to handle your own emergencies and take care of your own problems, it also makes you better equipped to help your friends and loved ones if they’re ever in trouble.

If your significant other, sibling, or parent is in need, wouldn’t you rather have the means to help them out than not?

You’ll improve your insurance rating

New drivers have terrible insurance ratings, because new drivers are generally pretty terrible drivers. The best way to improve your insurance rating is to have a car and drive it safely without making any insurance claims for the first couple of years.

Even if your car would stay parked in your driveway for the better part of it eternity, simply having it would potentially help improve your insurance rating down the line.

You’ll gain experience

The only way to get good at anything is to practice diligently, and that definitely goes double for driving.

As a new driver you’ll likely be pretty bad at the whole thing, when it comes down to it. You will, however, be a lot better off if you go straight from your lessons to practicing your driving routinely on your own.

By taking a long break between your test and buying your first car, you’ll be diminishing those new skills instead of building on them.

Practice is simply essential for a new driver.


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