Practical Answers To Your Post Crash Anxiety

Whether you lost control of the vehicle in the rain, or you hit the brakes abruptly to avoid a wild animal on the road, accidents can happen to everyone, even if you’re a safe driver. A car accident is the combination of a lot of factors and, more often than not, being a good driver is not enough to handle the vehicle. Indeed, bad weather, reckless drivers on the road, unexpected situations such as a dog running in front of your car, or even sudden car troubles can lead to a crash. First of all, you may find that your insurance premiums are going up. But more importantly, you might be struggling with anxiety and fears that can stop you from thinking and behaving rationally. Here’s a little overview of what scares drivers the most after a harmless accident — by harmless, we mean an accident that didn’t lead to any injury.

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Help I can’t move the car

So, here you are: the car is wrapped around a tree alongside the main road, and you’re worried that other cars might not be able to avoid the back-end on your vehicle. First of all, you should be checking for personal injuries as sometimes shock can make you feel too numb to notice cuts, bruises and more. You can place an emergency triangle ahead of your car to warn other drivers to be careful. Don’t try to push the car if the engine doesn’t start. Instead, if you still can, keep the lights on so that your vehicle remains visible, even at night. The easiest way to move your car is to get in touch with an emergency towing service. Emergency services respond 24/7  and can even organise full car scrap for you if your vehicle can’t be repaired.

Don’t move the car by yourself

I can’t think straight

If you’ve always assumed that emotional shock was reserved to people whose relationship is falling apart, then you may not understand what happens to you after a car crash. You might develop the belief that the world is not a safer place anymore and feel afraid at all times. Or maybe you suffer from brain fog and can’t seem able to take any meaningful decision as if you were not connected to your life anymore. You might even constantly feel tired and have difficulties sleeping. These are signs of an emotional shock and should disappear with time, within the next few days to weeks. Do consult a doctor if your symptoms show no sign of improvement after 6 months.

I feel scared behind the wheel

A lot of drivers experience a form of driving anxiety after an accident. While some recover rapidly, others develop a severe fear of driving that needs to be addressed professionally. You can first try to regain your lost confidence, step by step, a short drive at a time while visualising positive statements about reaching your destination safely. More often than not, the fear disappears once you confront it. But you can also choose to take some driving lessons to help you rebuild your road confidence gradually.

Car accidents are never fun. After dealing with the administrative side of the insurance and the evidence of faulty driving — for you or anybody else who was involved —, there’s an emotional side to a crash that most people ignore. Learning a few tips to handle your post-crash anxiety can help you to hit back the road safely and confidently in no time.


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