7 Ways to Drastically Lower the Costs of Running Your Car

Many of us own vehicles because we need to get somewhere conveniently and quickly. However, car ownership can be tough and one of the leading reasons of it being difficult is the cost. Owning a car can cost us anywhere from $3,000 to $9,000 depending on how often you drive it, the type of car you own and where you’re driving. As such, it’s smart to try and cut down on the costs as much as possible, and in this article we’ll be going through seven of the most effective ways to slash your operating costs.

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1. Learn about your vehicle

Have you ever tried to use a tool without fully understanding how it works? Perhaps the answer is yes, but there’s no doubt that understanding your vehicle properly will help you with many things in the future. The noises it makes when something needs replacing, the speed it can go until you start using your fuel inefficiently and how often you need to fill the tank are keys things to learn if you want to save money.

2. Do your own repairs

Once you learn about your vehicle, you can use an OBD2 scanner for cars and a standard car repair toolkit to fix just about anything. Of course, you may need to purchase parts online or from a local dealer, but if you learned about your vehicle, then this should be no problem. You’ll save hundreds or potentially thousands each year on your vehicle’s repair costs.

3. Shop around for insurance

Insurance costs a huge chunk of money, so why not learn how to reduce your car insurance costs? There are plenty of things you can do, such as keep your car secure when it’s not in use and add a second driver that will lower the costs of your insurance.

4. Drive properly

If you’re serious about lowering the cost of your car, then learn to drive properly. Take additional lessons in defensive driving and practice some basic safety tips to ensure you never end up in a crash or accident that could cost you a lot of money.

5. Keep tires inflated

Your tires are important because they’re the only thing keeping the body of your car from grinding against the road. Keep them inflated to ensure you have control of your car during tight turns, and also to ensure that your tires aren’t wasting fuel by making you drive slower.

6. Get to know your mechanic

If you take your car to a repair shop, then get to know your mechanic. It will help you build better relations with your local mechanic that could result in cheaper repair and maintenance costs, and after-hours services that could save you a lot of money.

7. Drive less

It sounds obvious, but driving less is a fairly standard and helpful way to save money. If you want to reduce your operating costs, then not using your car and using public transport, walking or a bicycle can reduce the amount you pay for fuel. It sounds counterproductive, but there are probably many situations where using public transport is more efficient than driving (i.e. driving long distances).


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