Revealed: Ferrari Portofino

The Ferrari Portofino is a new sports car that’s taking the interest of people all over the world. It’s not being rolled out of the production line until 2018, and Ferrari hasn’t really released as many details as people would like. But what they have released shows it’s shaping up to be the hottest sports car of the year. It has been fittingly named after a small yet very popular Italian tourist port. If you haven’t already heard of it yet, here’s an insight to the facts and figures already known.

The Portofino will be a hard top convertible Grand Tourer, set to be even cheaper than the previous California T. Most people are comparing it to the California T, however top gear has recently released an article suggesting it is closer to the Maralleno. The article can be viewed here. The set price isn’t known as of yet, but the California can be purchased for around $200,000. So its replacement is hopefully going to be just shy of this figure. The car was only revealed earlier this year at the company’s 70th birthday at the Fiorano track, and the again at an auto show in Frankfurt. At first glance, it’s absolutely stunning. Its sleek, smart design is enough to draw any one with the right amount of money in. With the top up the car does also bear a similar resemblance to 812, and the sweeping headlights featured on the 812 have also made an appearance on the new model. But with the top down, it’s a glamorous sports car like no other in their range.

As the actual model hasn’t been released from the production line yet, the facts are figures shown next are the ones released by Ferrari themselves. However, by the time it is released, some of these may differ slightly. The chassis of the car is set to be a lot lighter than it’s older brother the California with it being all aluminum. But will have an unparalleled grip due to changes being made during production. The car currently features the same engine as the California, a 3.9-liter V8 twin turbocharged engine, but the newer model has been fine tuned with modifications being made to the pistons, intake system, and the exhaust manifold. Meaning the Portofino is slightly quicker than the California regarding bhp. The car can accelerate at an eye watering 0-62mph in 3.5 seconds, with the total bhp being 592. Compared to 3.6 seconds and a bhp of 552 from the California. The overall top speed on the Portofino is said to reach up to 198.8mph, which is slightly lower than the Cali with a max of 196.4 mph. The fuel economy of the new model is 27mpg, which for a sports car isn’t really that bad, due to the fine tuning of the engine and the exhaust manifold, the car is also slightly green. So when comparing just the engine and the power, it doesn’t really differ a huge amount from its predecessor. But, considering the car is set to be a considerable amount cheaper, we think the car is going to take the auto world by storm.

Interestingly, the Portofino is set to feature Ferrari’s first ever electric power steering, supposedly making handling easier and the drive more comfortable. There is also a dual clutch system in place as was with the California, furthering the comfort experience for the driver. As this car has been designed more for comfort than speed, the inside has had a few little upgrades as well. The all leather 18-way adjustable seats provide optimum comfort which can sometimes be missed when it comes to creating sports cars. It’s also been designed to reduce noise, which will come in handy considering they have chosen to place an all new 10.2 inch touchscreen entertainment system. A slight issue with the California when the top was down was the wind buffeting. However, Ferrari has claimed an 80% reduction is featured on the newer model. Although still featuring two back seats, they definitely aren’t suitable for journeys with children. But this is to be expected with most supercars, with Ferrari stating they’re only really suitable for “short journeys”. Ferrari did also state before its grand reveal that the car would have a “roomy boot”. However, images from the Frankfurt show suggest something a little different. If you consider roomy to be two or 3 bags of shopping, then this is the car for you. But it’s not one to put a family food shop in too. The car still isn’t ready to have orders taken, however, some people are getting ready to swap their California’s for the newer version with dealers noticing a rise in sales as of late. If this is something you’d be considering, you can learn more from about trading the California in ready for the Portofino. With Ferrari predicting this to be a show stopper, the final reveal is exciting for most car enthusiasts.

To summarise, the Portofino is going to be one of Ferrari’s most significant yet with most saying it was one of the best looking cars to be featured in the latest Frankfurt auto show. Although it doesn’t differ much from the California, the shape is slightly sleeker and considering you’re getting around 40 extra bhp, for a smaller price, it’s easy to see why it’s pulling in so much attention. Compared to the California, the car has supposedly been designed with women in mind to attract a wider audience, which is why the drive has been refined and possibly why the noise level has been reduced. One thing this car doesn’t feature which many are hoping Ferrari finally will do is an electronic hybrid feature. Enthusiasts are hoping that 2018 brings a hybrid car. It will be interesting to see how Ferrari would rank compared to its competitors that have already ventured into the hybrid world. Maybe the electronically powered steering is the start of something new? Leave a comment and let us know what you think of the impending Ferrari Portofino.


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