Tesla Model S: The Future Of Driving

The Tesla Model S is the car that changes the game for all. Sure, there are electric cars out there, but not like the Tesla.

It covers all the great benefits of an electric, and then adds some more – because it can.

Here’s everything you need to know.


The large amount of interior space is because it’s a decent sized car, and remember, there’s no engine to hog room either. The battery pack lives in the floor of the car while all the other small electrics are installed on the axles.

Essentially you’re getting two boots – one that’s in the front which could carry a couple of suitcases, and then, of course, the main one in the back.

The seats in the back can easily fit in three adults, but if you wanted the panoramic glass roof, the headroom might be a little more restricted than usual. There are no issues at the front of the car. – As a passenger and a driver, you have plenty of legroom which leaves you with a generous, airy space.


The only word to describe the comfort of this car is glider. It glides over the roads and uneven cement with ease as if it were water. When it comes to the tyres, take a look at the 21-inch wheels if you want something more in the drive. Tyre pressure monitoring systems will help make sure your wheels are always on point to get the best out of your car, so if you do opt for the bigger tyres, there is definitely a change in sensation. You will feel more of a pull, and they will also make some noise when driving at speed, unlike the usual size.


Because of the no gears thing – Teslas are extremely simple to drive, all you have to do is point and go. Having said that, this is a large, wide car, so you need to take extra care when moving around as you’ll need to leave yourself more room than you normally would.

Overtaking has never been more fun when you’re on the highway, especially with how fast it can accelerate to (0-60) in the space of 2.6 seconds so effortlessly… Right?

And to slow down, you don’t even need to apply your foot on the break – just take your foot off the accelerator to reduce your speed.

Parking can be a little trickier all due to the size of the Tesla, but with the automatic parking function, you don’t even need to worry. Just sit back and watch your car manoeuvre better than you ever could.


The Tesla scored a 10/10 when testing this car’s safety. It outperformed all other cars that have ever been crash tested. The Model S is so cleverly build, that the Tesla actually broke the equipment that was used to test the strength of the car’s roof when doing a rollover! This car is pretty much a solid, robust shell.

There are six airbags that are fitted around the car, as well as three Isofix child seat mounting point situated across the back seats. If you opt for third-row seats, your Tesla will come with an exceptionally well protected rear bumper to protect occupants even more so in the event of an impact.

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