3 Heartbreaking Signs It’s Time to Upgrade to a New Car


Letting go of your car can be a tough decision. In fact, some people choose never to let go of it and store it in their garage for years – until a firm but friendly family member decides for them. It’s safe to say that we’re a bit sentimental when it comes to our vehicle; maybe it is the car you had your first kiss in, the first car you drove your kids to kindergarten in – and the one you even slept in when you were in between houses.

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Your car has been a part of your life your years now and, although the fond memories you shared will stay with you, the signs of the time you spent together is starting to show.

Wear, tear, constant repairs, and your kids straight up refusing to let you drive them to school – here are four signs to get you back to reality and invest in a new one.

#1 Nobody wants to ride with you anymore

The look on your friend’s face as you pull up into his driveway, the shake of his head and that knowing smile, those are the clearest signs you could ever get that it’s time for an upgrade. Sure, they laugh and think you’re rather silly for being so sentimental and it doesn’t really bother you, does it?

Until you find yourself quite alone in loving the sight of your rust bucket, rolling down the window by hand to perform an angry gesture to whoever has the audacity to overtake you like this; transporting yourself alone doesn’t have to be this embarrassing. Check out auto.loan, first of all, and regain your sense of pride or save up for a new ride.

Come to terms with time and let your old friend go – there are too many good alternatives out there to miss out on.

#2 You’re spending too much time at the gas station

Cars and electronic devices have one thing in common; the newer they get, the more cost-effective they are. When you’ve been driving around in the same car since the mid 90’s, you’re probably quite familiar with the people working at your local gas station.

Each new car that is released onto the market is a bit more fuel-efficient than the last – just like a new device will be kinder to your energy bill at the end of the month.

It’s typical for people who cling to their trusted vehicle to fool themselves into thinking that, since they had already paid off the loan many years ago, they’re saving money by not purchasing a new one. Yet, all those trips to the gas station and the mechanic are hard on your wallet, where a new vehicle would cost you less in terms of maintenance.

#3 You keep re-repairing it

As a general rule, a decent vehicle will only send you to the mechanic about twice a year. When you keep returning and greeting the auto experts by name, when they know you the moment you roll into their shop – and when every repair is the same kind of problem, that’s when it’s time to save yourself any further trouble.

Have a look at The Street to learn more about the most common repairs on auto vehicles – as well as the less common ones.

Odd as it sounds, upgrading to a new car can, in fact, save you a lot of money in the long run. Don’t worry; you’ll bond with your next vehicle too.



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