The New BMW 8 Series Proves That It’s Good To Wait


14 years is a long time to wait for a sequel. Imagine a gap of 14 years between the Star Wars films? Imagine having to wait seventeen years to see if Frodo got up Mount Doom? If there’s one thing we know to be true though, it’s that patience is almost always rewarded. Good things truly do come to those with the ability to wait.

1999. That was when we saw the last BMW 8 Series Grand Tourer two-door coupe roll off the production lines and onto the open roads of the world, and finally – it’s back. Back with a bang. The BMW 8 Series of the 90’s looked pretty out-of-date, like the type of car reserved for heroes in old Japanese Anime, with neon lights and throbbing beats. 2003 was the last time we saw a BMW 8-anything, thanks to the curvy Z8. Of course, the old 8 Series revolutionised tech in cars – we had the famous pop up headlights as well! It might have been a looker at the time, but it isn’t now! BMW have come a long way since then.  Oh yes. When we think of stylish motors, of German power, of class and style – we think BMW. All of this comes through in bucketloads in the form of the new BMW 8 Series.

The new BMW 8 Series will lead the line for the German manufacturer going forward, and it’s a proper GT roadster. It will be at home on the highway, or on the race track and will ideally bring plenty of revolutionary upgrades to herald a new age of driving. Ideally, you won’t need to bring it that much to a BMW repair shop, as these cars are as good at reliability as they look. In usual circumstances anyway. Make no mistake though; this car is not for everyone – it’s a real luxury motor for the few and not the many. But for those who can afford to ride behind the wheel of the new BMW 8 Series, it will be special – indeed. Expect the new BMW 8 Series to raise the bar, it won’t just be a sleek concept of a car, but it will be something that pushes BMW – and the car industry at large – forward. A true trendsetter, a flagship in every way. The design of the car is a view into the future – with a true snout of a bonnet, and a flowing roofline in a manner that makes the car look almost biological in design, with visible muscle.

Will it be able to get one over the Mercedes S-Class? We’ll see, but from the look of it, it certainly stands a solid chance. You can expect a fair bit of power, class and style from BMW – whether it lives up to expectations is another thing entirely, but the new 8 Series is in really good hands. There is no better company to push the boundaries than BMW and the 8 Series could be a true game changer for the car industry. Let us wait and see!


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