Keep it Ticking: Unusual Ways to Make Your Car Last Longer


Everything we spend a lot of money on should last as long as possible – it’s almost taken for granted. We put up with the loss of value in our vehicle as soon as you’ve received the keys and it’s out of the lot, and we’ve come to terms with feeding money into parts that keep breaking; but at the end of the day, we want more value for our money.

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That’s what we’re here to give you. Here is a handful of unusual and creative ways you can make your car last longer – so you don’t have to visit the mechanic more than necessary.

Keep it light

Sooner or later, you’re going to want to trade your old mare in for a newer and more functioning model and will look for ways to sell my car; just make sure you’ve gotten the best years out of it before saying goodbye.

A car that weighs less will drive better; it’s a fact. Although your family car is most likely not a lightweight sports car, you can apply this mindset to your old minivan or SUV as well. Making sure you do not weigh it down with heavy luggage does more than just ensuring a smooth ride, though; it also keeps you from wearing out its components prematurely.

When your car is overloaded, we’re talking an engine that’s working as hard as it can to pull the weight, and brake components that’s being mistreated on the way. Be as kind to your well-loved ride as you would have been to an old but loyal horse, and pack it light.

Keep it clean

It’s obvious that anything that’s clean and well-kept will last a lot longer, but somehow, this seems to pass car-owner by. They hand it over to the car wash when it’s more than overdue, and feel good about themselves as soon as it’s sparkling clean – yet, the underside of their vehicles has already suffered a lot.

The message is clear; ensure its longevity by cleaning it thoroughly, and if you can write your grocery list on one of its windows, it’s already overdue.

Keep in mind that you need to clean it even more often if you live by the coast. This is to make sure you don’t have to overspend to remove rust, and the same goes in the colder seasons as salt is scattered over the roads that will slowly eat up your vehicle’s underside.

Give the tyres some love

To pressure check tyres and rotate them now and then is common sense among auto lovers – and neglected by the rest of the human species. They need to be kept at the right inflation pressure, not only to last longer, but also to ensure a decent fuel economy as well as general safety. When your tyres are well-maintained and treated to regular check-ups, your entire vehicle will benefit from it – and it costs you next to nothing.

Neglect these simple but important ways to treat your car, and you’re doing less than maintaining its value; you’re decreasing it rapidly and it will not love you back for it.



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