A Closer Look at the Skoda Kodiaq SUV


Not so long ago, reliability and credibility weren’t enough to cut it in the SUV market, which is why Skoda was largely overlooked. However these days, sports utility vehicles most definitely aren’t bought with just off- roading in mind. Most modern SUVs are perfectly adapted for freeways and urban driving, and make an excellent choice of vehicle for families or those who need extra space. For this reason, SUVs such as the Skoda Kodiaq make a fantastic choice. And with Skoda being at the top of their game in the SUV market, it’s a brand that you can feel comfortable in investing in. Here are some of the reasons why!


The Skoda Kodiaq SUV is six foot wide and fifteen foot long making it a real beast of a vehicle. Boasting seven seats and plenty of trunk space, there’s lots of room for all the family and meaning long journeys are comfortable. Whether you need to fit prams, bikes, flat pack furniture, pets or anything else in the back you have the ability to do so (and without multiple trips).



Regarding safety, the Skoda Kodiaq was awarded a five-star rating in the Euro NCAP safety tests. It did this by achieving a 92% rating for the protection of adults and 77% for the protection of child passengers. The automatic emergency braking system which comes as standard on all Skodas did well, along with the ‘Care Connect’ feature. This contacts the emergency services if the airbags are deployed during a collision. If you’re happy to pay extra for one of the limited edition Kodiaqs, you can enjoy adaptive cruise control which makes for a smooth journey, as well as lane-keeping assistance. This helps you to match the speed of the car in front and will brake for you when you’re in slow moving traffic. While these models will be more expensive, you always have the option of loans, third party financing and in house financing when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. That way you can spread the cost and have the option of choosing a better model.

Running Costs

While SUVs and larger vehicles are going to be more expensive to run than small cars, when it comes to the Skoda Kodiaq it’s not as expensive to run as you might think. It has efficient engine technology and fuel-saving approaches, as it has the Skoda’s patented ACT (active-cylinder technology), it means two of the four cylinders stop when you’re cruising to save fuel. Therefore running costs are slashed massively. Despite being a large vehicle, the entry level model has a 1.4-litre petrol engine means it’s less expensive to fuel than other similar sized SUVs. And despite its small engine size, it doesn’t struggle with any power problems especially if you’re not making constant long journeys with the vehicle fully loaded. If you do intend on doing this, there’s a 2.0 diesel model available too.


The Skoda Kodiaq SUV is a four wheel drive, so if you do need to cross rough terrain, then it’s perfectly capable of doing so (although mud tyres will likely be needed). However, even if you only plan on driving this around towns and cities it’s a perfect option. It doesn’t ‘sway’ around corners like most other SUVs and has been shown to be incredibly agile for its large size. The optional adaptive suspension (which Skoda calls a ‘Dynamic Chassis Control’) lets you stiffen or soften the suspension at the touch of the button.