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There has been a large amount of comparison regarding the Subaru BRZ coupe since its launch. It’s been likened to the Toyota GT86 and even the Porsche Cayenne. So what is it that brings about those comparisons and what is it about the new Subaru BRZ coupe that makes it special and unique?

Subarus project leader Yoshio Hirakawa wanted to create an affordable and lightweight 2+2 coupe, the Subaru offers differences between itself and the Toyota in terms of the wheel design, badges and interior trim. It is also said the the Subaru BRZ coupe was benchmarked against the Porsche Cayman R model. However the Subaru model is much lighter and much lower, with a centre gravity of 2.5cms lower than the Cayman.

The BRZ offer a 2.0 litre flat four front engine (otherwise knows as the FB20) which has been a big success for the Subaru Impreza model. However it sits 12 cms lower into the engine bay, than the Impreza which results in a 50% front and rear weight distribution.

The Subaru BRZ feels agile and light to control. Taking on fast corners is no problem in the Subaru BRZ, trailing the brakes or lifting mid-corner and there is a very controllable oversteer. Getting into the higher speeds it feels very stable, which is partly due to its reasonably long wheelbase, which sits in at 2,570mm.

The Engine comes in either manual or automatic six-speed gearboxes. The automatic engine is available with three modes, auto, manual and temporary manual and the temporary manual is interesting as it allows for downshifting via its paddles located behind the steering wheel. Check out the New Subaru inventory to see which sort of model would best suit you and consider which of these modes you would prefer.

The Subaru BRZ has a very functional design, the interior is very clean and understated. The oversized rev counter and speedometer make the car dashboard interesting from the driver’s seat.

There are two different models to choose from, the SE and the SE Lux. The basic model comes inbuilt with dual climate control, USB connectivity, keyless entry, sports seats and cruise control as a standard. The basic model also offers 17-inch alloy wheels, xenon headlights and a rear spoiler and sporty bodykit. A simple upgrade will get you heated front seats and leather upholstery, all included in the price.

The Subaru BRZ also offers a new 4.2-inch screen in the dashboard, with a smaller steering wheel, diameter wise, with audio controls. The improvements that have been made to the suspension means that handling is much smoother and the model now enjoys improved fuel efficiency. They have also added a new track setting to the drive mode selector which provides intelligence to the usability of this model.

These improved features are, yes very similar to the ones Toyota recently carried out on the GT86, so again the comparison comes into the fray once more. So it does continue to be a constantly difficult decision on which model to choose, between the Subaru BRZ and the Toyota GT86.




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