Is The Prius Worth The Price?

The Toyota Prius was the first modern hybrid car to hit the market back in 1998. It works on a combination of electric power and fuel. Making it better for the environment than traditional all petrol cars. Of course, the Prius has developed over that time and below you will find a review of the 2017 model, which should give you all the info you need to decide whether the Prius is a car that is actually worth the 25K plus price tag?


The Toyota Prius scores big on safety and reliability. It has a five-star rating from both European and Japanese awarding bodies and is generally regarded as one of the safest new cars out there.

As standard, you can expect to find airbags galore in the Prius. As well as Toyota’s safety package which includes alerts if you depart from your lane, AEB, and road sign scanning. Which makes it a pretty developed piece of technology in this area.  



Due to the dual fuel system, the Prius drives well both in built up urban areas and out on the open road. This is because it can rely mainly on electric for the city routes, and the petrol engine up when you get out into the countryside.

However, some critics believe it’s much more suited to the city environment, as acceleration can suffer due to the hybrid system. But it’s important to remember that the Prius has a 1.8 four cylinder engine, with dual electric motors, which can get it from 0-60 in 10.5 seconds.

Granted it isn’t the quickest of cars, but for the fuel efficiency that is provided, it is certainly enough to do the job. Just make sure you look after it as best you can by going to official Toyota engine repair shops. As this will help you preserve the engine in tip top working shape as they have specially trained experts used to hybrid machines.

Remember too that the most current model’s engine has a new tweak, so it’s pretty darn fuel efficient with over 90 mpg.


There are two main types of Prius out there, one works on a battery that is charged via the breaks. An ingenious system that helps cut down fuel consumption and recycles energy in a most efficient way.

The other Is the plugin model (Prius Prime), in which you plug the battering into an electric power source to charge.

Both are way better for the environment than traditional petrol cars. This is because electricity can be used in place of petrol, reducing C02 emissions and all of the nastiness that comes along with it.

Of course, as electricity is cheaper than petrol in term of efficiency that also means these cars are cheaper for the driver to run as well. Something that is a definite pull factor when considering purchasing one.


The price of the Prius can range from 24- 30K so they aren’t the cheapest of vehicles to purchase. However, they do represent a good investment both personally, as they are safe and efficient, and for the environment due to their hybrid engine.