5 Signs That You Should Replace Your Old Vehicle


There’s a common idea that cars have to be replaced after a couple of years. This idea is quickly shot down when you consider that there are 2010 or older models of vehicles still working today, and their owners couldn’t be happier about their situation. The truth is, replacing a vehicle isn’t something you need to do unless you actually encounter problems. Sadly, many people scrap or sell their perfectly usable cars in favour of newer models, or because they can’t be bothered to invest a bit of money in repairing their current car. This eventually leads to a lot of wasted money that could’ve been saved.

However, there are times when you should actually replace your vehicle. With so many moving parts, wear and tear is a real problem for vehicles despite it only happening after several years of heavy usage. In addition, replacement parts will eventually become harder to source as the model of your vehicle grows older. Not only that, but issues like insurance costs and fuel consumption will continue to affect your running costs, ultimately resulting in an expensive and ageing vehicle that isn’t worth your time or effort.

If you’re unsure whether to replace your old vehicle or not, then here are five signs that tell you to give it up and send it to the scrapheap.

Insurance costs are rising

The older a vehicle, the less reliable it is and thus, the higher your insurance costs. If these costs have risen substantially since your last insurance assessment, then maybe it’s time to give it up and replace your car.

Breakdowns are more frequent

If you’re constantly having to take your vehicle to an auto repair shop, then it’s time to consider replacing it. All of the moving parts in a vehicle contribute to wear and tear, and as your car gets older, these parts will continue to fail one by one until they are all completely replaced. Your car will reach a point where the insides start to fail back to back, and this results in expensive repair costs that are far too frequent to be financially comfortable.

You spend more on fuel

As your car gets older, your engine starts to require more and more fuel to get from A to B. Fuel efficiency will gradually degrade over time, resulting in more frequent trips to fill up the tank.

You’re ashamed of your vehicle

If you’re ashamed to be seen in your car, then perhaps it’s time to sell your car and replace it with something a little more modern. It’s perfectly fine to feel embarrassed to drive a hunk of metal around that looks like it’s been through hell and back, so why not treat yourself to a better vehicle? if your car reaches a point that it feels silly to drive in, then it’s worth replacing.

Your car is too small (or large)

Lastly, another legitimate reason to replace your vehicle is when it doesn’t support your family. If you had an old 2-seater car that served you and your partner well, then you’re going to need a new 5-door car to support your family.


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