4 Points to Consider Before Investing in a High-End Car

Owning a high-end luxury car is something that many drivers dream of. Whether it’s the latest Mercedes S-Class saloon or something a lot more expensive such as a 2017 Dodge Viper, everyone wants to experience the thrill of driving a luxury car at some point in their lives. However, it’s something that comes with a surprising number of responsibilities, and it’s ultimately something that will cost more money than the advertised price of the car.

Think you’ve got enough money since you saved up for a deposit on a Maserati? Think again. Not only will insurance carve a deep hole in your wallet, the future costs of repair and maintenance will have you wondering why you even bothered to invest in a luxury vehicle in the first place. So before you head out and buy a luxury vehicle for yourself, here are four points to consider.


Are you financially stable?

One of the most important things to consider is your financial situation. Most people can’t afford to pay for a luxury car in a single lump sum. However, most of them can at least pay a deposit and then finance it over a few years. If your job isn’t a stable one, then the chances of you paying back the full price are going to be reduced and you might experience life in debt for a while. In addition, if you can barely afford the car then you won’t be able to afford things such as road tax, insurance costs and fuel.

Do you have the right driving conditions?

If you mainly drive in a dense city that’s full of traffic, then expect to get very little out of your increased horsepower. Stop-and-start driving is incredibly inefficient on fuel, and that’s compounded by the ridiculous engines and fuel consumption luxury cars already have. If you won’t be able to drive your vehicles at the top speed on a nearby race track or at least be able to cruise without stopping at traffic every minute, then you might want to steer clear of a luxury sports car.

Have you made friends with a local garage?

Mechanics are going to overcharge you, especially if you turn up at a garage and show them that you don’t know anything about the car you bought or why it’s broken or puffing up steam. If you want to ensure you don’t overpay for repairs and maintenance, then consider making friends with a reputable auto repair shop so there’s a reduced chance that they’ll charge extra for your lack of knowledge.

Can you stomach the hate?

Something that luxury car owners have to stomach is hate from their peers and other drivers. They see your luxury car and they’ll envy you, perhaps maliciously trying to scratch your car or overtake you as a game. In addition, your friends and family may ask you questions like “are you sure you can afford that?” or give you aggressive comments like “nice car, was it second hand?. Whatever these people say, it’s important to ignore them and continue driving your car. Don’t let them sway your opinion and enjoy your new car to the fullest.

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