So You Want A Little Luxury? What Makes A High-End Car Really Worth The Money?

You sniff the leather like someone has just brewed the best coffee in the world. You wrap your fingers around the steering wheel and squeeze it like it’s a part of your own anatomy. You start pressing all the buttons on the parking screen to see just how great the rear camera is. You’re in a luxury car – and you want to experience every square inch of it before you even start her up! Of course, what you really want to know is how smooth the drive really is.

High-end cars offer a driving experience. They’re about the comfort of the ride, and how impressed the passenger sitting next to you is going to be. The sound of the engine and the high-tech parking help is certainly going to rouse you. Does it matter what badge is on the front or the year of registration?

Even when you buy used cars, safety has to factor into your choice. Luxury cars certainly promise a world of comfort, and most models, regardless of age, have additional safety features. But it’s also important to remember that luxury cars are about status too. That means the make certainly is a big factor. And we all know that brands push the price up.

So what’s really important to you? Is it that fabulous feeling when you’re sat in the car, or those heads turning as you drive past? Is it the speed, the engine roar, or the high-tech onboard gizmos? Big seats, elevated driving position, fat tyres, sexy lines – high-end cars will give you whatever it is you want, but do you know what you really want?

Chances are, you want value for money at the end of the day. You don’t want something that’s going to cost you more in insurance premiums than you spent on the car. You don’t want something that has a reputation for breakdowns or technical systems failures. It’s a car! It’s got to get you where you’re going, and it can’t cost you a whole tank of gas to get you there. It’s time to weigh up what this beauty is really going to hit you for.

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Luxury cars tend to come with pretty meaty engines. The power sucks up the gas, and the bigger tank means you’re laying out a bigger fuel bill when you fill up. High-end cars also perform much better when you stick to high-end tires. These will hit you for hundreds of dollars a set, and the more you take your beauty out for a spin, the more wear you’re getting on the tread.     

Luxury cars are rare. This means spare parts are harder to come by when you need repairs. Can you afford to be off the road while you wait for them to come in? Luxury cars are also more desirable. Have you got good security at home when you park up for the night?

Let’s be honest, though. They look good, they sound good, they feel good, and they even smell pretty good too. For the ultimate driving experience, (and a whole lot of cred), it’s luxury all the way!


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